Hannah Corbin Peloton Instructor: Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity

Hannah Corbin Peloton Instructor is has been teaching classes with the popular fitness firm for years and knows how to get her students results. If you are considering taking a Peloton class with Hannah, this post is for you!

In this blog post, we will go over some of the things that make Hannah an exceptional instructor and why you should consider taking a class with her.

Hannah Corbin: Profile summary

Full nameHannah Marie Corbin
Date of birth10th September 1990
Age31 years (as of 2022)
Place of birthPortland, Oregon, United States of America
Current residenceNew York City, New York, United States of America
Zodiac signVirgo
Height in feet5’ 8”
Height in centimetres173
Weight in pounds121
Weight in kilograms55
Body measurements in inches34-28-40
Body measurements in centimetres86-71-101
Shoe size6.5 US
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourDark brown
Marital statusMarried
HusbandJohn Randolph Ferry III, alias John Ferry
MotherSharon Corbin
ProfessionDancer, fitness instructor, and aerialist
Net Worth$600,000 to $800,000

Who is Hannah Corbin?

hannah corbin Peloton

Hannah Corbin is recognized as one of the esteemed original instructors at Peloton, a renowned global fitness company catering to a vast community of more than 6.2 million members worldwide. With her expertise, she imparts valuable knowledge in various disciplines, including stretching, cycling, Pilates, Barre, strength training, and dance cardio.

Having joined Peloton approximately nine years ago, Corbin has devoted her career to the company. In her leisure time, she finds joy in dancing, nurturing her passion beyond the confines of her professional endeavors. Throughout her extensive tenure at Peloton, she has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of individuals, witnessing their transformative journeys towards improved health and fitness.

Corbin’s influential presence extends to Instagram, where she has amassed a considerable following. Through this platform, she actively engages with her audience, endorsing brands such as Layer Design Collective. Additionally, she utilizes her online presence to advocate for self-care and the cultivation of self-love, emphasizing their significance in leading a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

Hannah’s classes focus on proper form and alignment; her goal is to help students find their own strength and beauty through movement. In addition to her work as a Peloton instructor, Hannah teaches private ballet lessons and choreographs for local dance companies.

Where is Hannah Corbin from?

The passionate fitness devotee hails from the United States of America. Her birthplace is Portland, Oregon, situated in the great nation of America, and she currently resides in the vibrant city of New York, New York, within the United States of America.

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Family background

The fitness specialist entered this world through the beautiful gift of adoption. From the moment she was born, her loving parents embraced her as their own. Her mother, Sharon Corbin, a woman of strength and grace, hails from the charming town of Sweet Home, and her childhood was filled with cherished memories in the peaceful surroundings of Philomath.

In this tightly knit family, she shares a deep bond with her father, a pillar of wisdom and support, whose name remains respectfully undisclosed. Despite the passing of time, their connection remains strong as he gracefully enters his seventh decade.

During her early years, she faced the challenges of kidney disease, a battle that tested her resilience. However, with unwavering determination, she triumphed over adversity. The pivotal moment came when she underwent a life-saving kidney transplant, a courageous step that restored her vitality and granted her a newfound lease on life.

Educational background

The fitness coach honed her dancing skills at the renowned Beaverton Dance Center, where she dedicated countless hours to mastering the art form. However, destiny had even grander plans for her talent. At the tender age of 17, an extraordinary opportunity presented itself as she was awarded a prestigious scholarship to pursue her passion in the vibrant city of New City. With excitement and determination, she embraced this new chapter in her life, eager to further explore the realm of dance and expand her creative horizons.

Hannah Corbin’s ethnicity and nationality

The ethnicity of the fitness instructor is a beautiful blend of Latina heritage, with roots stemming from both Mexican and Puerto Rican backgrounds. This diverse cultural tapestry contributes to her rich and multifaceted identity. While her ancestral roots can be traced back to these vibrant Latin American origins, her nationality proudly identifies her as an American, embodying the multicultural fabric that defines the United States.

Hannah Corbin Husband

hannah corbin husband
Hannah Corbin with her Husband

In September 2018, Hannah Corbin and John Randolph Ferry III, also known as John Ferry, joyfully united in matrimony. Their love story began in 2015, and after spending a couple of meaningful years together, they decided to embark on a lifelong journey together. Surrounded by their cherished loved ones, they sealed their commitment in an intimate and private wedding ceremony, an occasion filled with love and celebration.

John Ferry, Hannah Corbin’s beloved spouse, brings his expertise as a certified fitness coach to their union. His passion for fitness and well-being complements Hannah’s own dedication to the field, fostering a shared enthusiasm for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Adding to their family dynamic, they share their home and hearts with a delightful canine companion named Juanito. This furry member of their household brings joy and warmth to their lives, further enhancing the bond between Hannah and John.

What Does Hannah Corbin Teach at Peloton?

Hannah Corbin peloton instructor

Hannah Corbin, one of the hottest Peloton instructors, teaches a variety of fitness classes. Her classes include cycling, Barre, stretching, strength, Pilates, and dance cardio. She is also a certified personal trainer and has worked with clients of all levels.

Corbin’s classes are designed to be challenging yet accessible for all fitness levels. Her goal is to help her students reach their fitness goals, whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply becoming healthier overall.

In addition to her fitness credentials, Corbin is also a certified nutritionist. This allows her to offer her students even more guidance regarding their health and wellness. She can help them create healthy eating plans that will complement their workout routines and lead to sustainable results.

How can following Hannah Corbin Peloton help you with your fitness goals?

Hannah Corbin

Hannah Corbin is one of Peloton’s most popular instructors, and for a good reason. Her classes are high-energy and challenging but also fun and motivating. Following her can help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

  • First, Hannah’s classes are always varied and interesting. You’ll never get bored or feel like you’re stuck in a rut with her as your instructor. She mixes up the workouts, so you’re constantly challenged and engaged.
  • Second, Hannah is an excellent motivator. She’ll push you to work hard and reach your potential, but she’ll also make sure you have a good time doing it. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and you’ll look forward to her weekly classes.
  • Third, Hannah’s classes are always well-rounded. They include a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility work to get a complete workout each time. This will help you see results more quickly and effectively reach your fitness goals.

Whether you’re new to working out or a seasoned pro, Hannah Corbin can help you reach your fitness goals. With her wide range of class offerings and personal coaching availability, she has the tools and knowledge to help anyone get in shape. So, contact her today to start reaching your fitness goals!

Hannah Corbin

What autoimmune disease does Hannah Corbin have?

In 2018, Hannah Corbin received a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition that targets the thyroid gland. This illness brings about various symptoms such as fatigue and weight gain.

Approximately a year prior to being diagnosed, the fitness expert began to encounter excessive fatigue, frequently dozing off during her commute home from work and occasionally missing her stop on the subway. Additionally, she noticed an unexpected weight gain of 15 pounds and experienced a sensation of swelling.

Although there is no known cure for this condition, it can be effectively managed with specific medications. To ensure her well-being, Corbin schedules bi-annual appointments with her endocrinologist for hormone level check-ups and diligently takes the necessary medication.

Diet and nutrition

The health-conscious individual recognizes the vital role that nutrition plays in supporting the body’s functions. For over ten years, she has embraced a predominantly vegan lifestyle, emphasizing the significance of a plant-based diet. Throughout this time, she has consciously abstained from consuming any dairy products.

Her dietary choices primarily consist of a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods, including an abundant selection of vegetables, fruits, grains, plant-based proteins, and essential carbohydrates. These nourishing options provide her with ample energy to sustain an active lifestyle and promote overall well-being.

Quick facts about Hannah Corbin

Here are some key facts about Hannah Corbin:

  • Hannah Corbin was born with her parents in attendance, and her father had the honor of cutting her umbilical cord. Following her birth, she was adopted without delay.
  • Hannah Corbin Peloton wears size 6.5 US shoes and has lovely brown hair and captivating dark brown eyes.
  • When it comes to cooking, Hannah admits that she isn’t particularly skilled in the culinary arts. Instead, her husband takes charge of most of the cooking responsibilities within their household.
  • Hannah has a keen interest in the fields of modeling and acting, aspiring to explore opportunities within these creative realms.
  • One of Hannah’s passions is traveling, and she frequently embarks on exciting explorations alongside her husband.
  • Lately, Hannah has discovered a newfound love for interior design, indulging in this creative pursuit with enthusiasm.
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Hannah Corbin Peloton Quotes

“You are a rockstar; treat yourself accordingly.”

“Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.”

“Your body isn’t Amazon Prime. It’s not going to show up in two days.”

Hannah Corbin Peloton Interests

Hannah’s deep appreciation for nature shines through, and when she isn’t busy instructing at the Peloton, she takes pleasure in venturing out to explore the captivating landscapes of the Northeast. Additionally, Hannah finds joy in expressing herself through dance, often gracefully moving to the rhythm of her own steps on the streets of Manhattan.

Hannah Corbin’s Net Worth

Although Hannah Corbin and Peloton have maintained privacy regarding the exact income of the fitness instructor, no official figures have been disclosed. However, based on estimations, Hannah Corbin’s net worth falls within the range of $600,000 to $800,000.

Hannah Corbin Peloton on Social Media


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Is Hannah Corbin peloton pregnant?

Hannah Corbin has refrained from sharing any information about her pregnancy through social media or other online platforms. At present, there is no indication of her being pregnant, as suggested by the Geniuscelebs website.

Does Hannah Corbin have a baby?

As per online sources, she is a mother of two children, Bryan Ferry and Lauren Ferry, whom she raises with her husband, John Ferry.

How tall is Hannah Corbin?

Standing at a height of 5’8″ or approximately 173 centimeters, the fitness enthusiast maintains a weight of around 121 pounds or 55 kilograms. Her body measurements are 34-28-40 inches or equivalently 86-71-101 centimeters.

Is Hannah Corbin Married?

Hannah Corbin has tied the knot with John Randolph Ferry III, who is a certified fitness coach. Together, they are proud parents to two children, Bryan Ferry and Lauren Ferry.

How Old Is Hannah Corbin?

Hannah Corbin, a native of Portland, Oregon, came into this world on September 10, 1990. As of now, she is a 31-year-old Peloton instructor, passionate about her role in guiding and motivating others towards their fitness goals.

How Long Has Hannah Corbin Been with Peloton?

Hannah became a part of the Peloton team around the years 2015 or 2016, and since then, she has dedicated over five years to teaching and inspiring individuals through her role at Peloton.

Hannah Corbin Peloton: Takeaways

Corbin is a Peloton instructor who is quickly becoming one of the most popular fitness instructors on the platform. If you’re considering taking one of her classes, you should know a few things.

First, Hannah Corbin Peloton is an excellent motivator and will push you to your limits. Second, her classes are always high-energy and fun. And finally, she is extremely knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition, so you can be sure that you’re getting expert advice when you take her class. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for a Hannah Corbin class today!

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