Jess Sims: One of Peloton’s Most Popular Instructors

Most people who have taken a Peloton class know that Jess Sims is one of the most popular Peloton instructors. She’s known for her high energy and motivating classes, which is why so many people take her classes on a regular basis.

In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to Jess and give you a behind-the-scenes experience with her classes.

Who is Jess Sims?

Jess Sims is one of Peloton’s most popular instructors. She has been teaching at Peloton for over two years and has taught thousands of classes.

Her classes are known for being high-energy and motivating, and she always gives her students the best possible workout. Jess is also a certified personal trainer, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality workout when you take her class.

What Does Jess Sims Teach at Peloton?

She teaches a variety of classes, including running, strength, walking, and stretching classes. Her classes are known for their beginner-friendly workouts and her motivating personality.

jess sims peloton instructor

Sims began her fitness journey as a runner. She ran cross country and track in high school and college. After college, she began working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She eventually became a certified spinning instructor and started teaching at Peloton in 2016.

Since joining Peloton in 2018, Sims has become one of the most popular instructors on the platform. She is known for her challenging workouts and her ability to motivate her students. In addition to teaching cycling and running classes, Sims also offers strength training classes. These classes focus on bodyweight exercises and dumbbell work.

Sims is a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to working out regularly, she eats a healthy diet and gets plenty of sleep. She also believes that these three things (training, good diet and sleep) are essential for achieving optimal health and fitness levels.

Jess’s journey to Peloton

jess sims peloton

Jess Sims, one of the hottest Peloton trainers, has an inspiring story to share. Jess was born with a congenital heart defect and had to have open-heart surgery when she was just four days old. As a result, she grew up understanding the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, but it wasn’t until she joined Peloton that she truly found her passion for fitness.

Since joining Peloton, Jess has become one of the top instructors on the platform. She is known for her high-energy classes and her ability to motivate her students to push themselves to their limits. She is an inspiration to all who ride with her, and we are so proud to have her as part of the Peloton family.

What do students say about her classes?

Jess Sims is one of Peloton’s most popular instructors, and it’s easy to see why. Her classes are high-energy and motivating, and she always seems to be having a great time herself. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of her students have to say about her classes:

“Jess is so much fun! She really knows how to get you moving and sweating but also makes sure you’re having a good time.”

“I love Jess’s classes because they’re always different. She mixes up the music and the moves, so you never know what to expect.”

“Jess is such a great motivator. She always makes me feel like I can do anything!”

Jess Sims

How to find Jess’s classes on Peloton

If you’re a fan of Jess Sims, you’ll be happy to know that she offers a variety of classes on Peloton. To find her classes, simply go to the Peloton app or website and search for her name.

You can also find her classes by clicking on the “Instructors” tab at the top of the page and scrolling down to Jess’s name. Once you’re on her instructor page, you can browse all her available classes.

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