Tunde Oyeneyin: Her Transformation into a Fitness Athlete

Tunde had spent years battling her weight and lack of self-confidence until she discovered exercise and fell in love with the opportunities it presented to her. She learned that one of her strengths was the ability to instill confidence and self-reliance in others while working in the beauty industry as a celebrity makeup artist and brand trainer. As a result, Tunde infuses the Bike with an unrivaled positive spirit, which he generates via her own life experiences, dogged determination, and influential playlists.

The Nigerian American fitness teacher, trainer, and motivational speaker has, over the past two decades, developed a purposeful platform to make the fitness industry a more accessible and inclusive area.

Oyeneyin is well-known for her sessions at Peloton, her presence that extends beyond the confines of the screen. Through her position as a Peloton trainer/speaker and her online presence, she has established herself as an advocate for inclusiveness. Additionally, she collaborates with Nike and Revlon because she was formerly a pro makeup artist and instructor for many beauty brands.

tunde oyeneyin peloton instructor

When did she first start working out? Her Weight Loss Change:

She claims in the interview she gave to TODAY that she saved up $48 and bought a gym membership, which she describes as a “huge milestone” for her. When you’re overweight, going to the gym might be a source of tremendous embarrassment for you. Those who have never had to fight against their weight won’t understand it. “Because there was one machine that I was competent at operating, I stuck to doing it every day. Ultimately, I mustered up the nerve to enroll in an aerobics class.”

Her tip for a consistent workout to transform your life is: It takes you 20, 30, or 45 minutes to complete your training. You shouldn’t let the concept of your workout hang over your head like a cloud.” Do not allow it to become as simple as emptying the dishwasher. You should aim to choose workouts you like rather than ones for which you feel guilty.

Why did she choose to ride a bike?

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She mentioned the following in an interview with Elle: Everybody was talking about cycling— “there’s a dark room, and there’s music, and you clip in and attach to the bike,” and I simply thought it was the oddest thing in the world. I can vividly recall how intimidating it was for me not to know how to clip in. But, on the other hand, I decided to sign up for my first lesson on a whim six years ago, and after that, I knew for a fact that I would be riding for the rest of my life. Not only did I know that I would be riding, but I also knew that I would be instructing it, and I knew that I would be instructing it on the largest platform in the world, all without even being aware of the existence of Peloton.”

Her Workout Style at Peloton:

When Tunde Oyeneyin clips in and starts one of her high-energy courses, it’s evident that she’s discovered her calling: encouraging and inspiring people through movement. Her classes at Peloton are known for their high levels of intensity. Oyeneyin mentions that she composes each of her exercises in the same manner as a well-written novel. There is a start, there is a middle, and there is a finish to this story. There can’t possibly be a high point in every situation. There must first be highs, then there must be valleys, and finally, there must be drops. It is clarified by her that: I believe that it just creates a more dynamic and exciting workout, which, in the end, will hopefully draw more people back.

tunde oyeneyin peloton coach

Her Book: SPEAK.

In her debut book, “Speak,” Tunde recounts her motivational life experience. Readers and audiences all around the country have been motivated and given the tools they need by Oyeneyin to transform their challenges into opportunities for growth and advancement.

Oyeneyin, one of the hot Peloton instructors, discusses how her struggles with love, grief, and self-acceptance inspired her to make a move to a more conscious and joyous way of life in the book.

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