The 5 most important reasons for treadmills and similar machines

Yoga, with its diverse approaches and often holistic philosophy, calms experienced yogis and beginners alike. However, it is obvious that yoga is more than just meditation. Intensive stretching, active strengthening, and balance training make many exercises a real feat. Therefore, yoga is considered by many athletes to be the ideal supplementary training because it can help to last longer and act more flexibly.

But not only runners and strength athletes benefit from yoga because yogis can also gain advantages with additional workouts. Therefore, those who are interested will find five good reasons for practicing additional sports and ideas for alternatives to working out here.

Reason 1: strengthening the cardiovascular system

In endurance sports, the cardiovascular system must be stimulated to perform better. An upright posture and concentrated breathing are automatically necessary to supply the body with oxygen. In addition, the more intensive movement strengthens the cardiovascular system, which ensures a calmer heartbeat and lower blood pressure. However, additional endurance training not only promotes your own fitness but also makes it easier to carry out various yoga exercises.

In particular, asanas, in which the cardiovascular system is used and challenged, can be more comfortable with a certain basic endurance and can therefore be performed more easily. So if you regularly get on the cross trainer or lace up your running shoes and practice yoga on days without endurance sports, you will develop faster and more effectively.

Reason 2: More stamina through a variety of loads

The 5 most important reasons for treadmills and similar machines

Jogging in the forest or half an hour of full-body exercise on the cross trainer appeal to many muscles. The arms, legs, and core are used during endurance training to keep the body upright and healthy. Yogis bring even more versatility to their everyday sporting activities with targeted strengthening exercises. Even if many asanas in yoga already ensure good strengthening of the muscles, this can be further promoted by training with dumbbells.

Addressing individual muscle groups, such as the biceps or triceps in the arm area, increases your ability to hold even complicated positions in yoga. Since the stress in yoga is usually static or at least moderately dynamic, strength training represents a useful additional stimulus. The muscles are stimulated to increase their strength and can be whipped into shape on yoga-free days. Nice additional effect: Relaxing asanas support regeneration and detoxification. This allows the body to recover better after an intensive dumbbell workout.

Reason 3: The mental component is promoted

Athletes know the importance of having the right mindset when it comes to performance. If the head doesn’t play along, the body often doesn’t get any further, either. This principle also applies to yoga because some exercises require persistence and small new beginnings. Starting all over again and “hanging on” can be tiring, which is why yogis should also try to change their sport.

With additional workouts both in endurance and strength, areas of physical abilities increase automatically. This improves mobility and posture, which benefits all areas of sport. And if you can always enjoy a sense of achievement, you will automatically last longer. The fact that yoga promotes mental focus on one’s own inner life and requires mental strength can ensure the decisive kilometer or set more in endurance and strength sports.

Reason 4: Excess energy finds a way out

Not every yogi finds it easy to focus exclusively on the mindful and calm way of yoga. Anyone who feels a certain inclination to intensive movement can occasionally hardly concentrate during yoga, and it is difficult to look inwards carefully. However, with regular endurance training, this excess energy is channeled in a sensible way on certain training days and no longer interferes with yoga on the following day or shortly afterward. The clear advantage of this is that the energy that is needed is always available for every type of sport, regardless of whether it is in the area of ​​strength, endurance, or relaxation.

The 5 most important reasons for treadmills and similar machines

Additional training can optimize and promote the balancing and relaxing effect of yoga. A lap on the treadmill sometimes works wonders, especially when the waves in life are getting really high and inner anger makes it difficult to switch off.

Reason 5: Breathing

Proper breathing plays a crucial role in any sport. For strength athletes, it is important to carry out individual exercises in the rhythm of their breathing in order to get the most out of themselves, and endurance athletes only need a good breathing technique to get the necessary supply of oxygen. In yoga, breathing is focused in a very mindful and inward way. Many athletes only find out through yoga which path their breathing takes and how really deep breathing works.

Abdominal breathing also plays an important role. Healthy breathing is then consolidated and practiced in endurance sports, where a straight posture is also required. Anyone who lets themselves down and breathes incorrectly on the cross trainer or treadmill often has to struggle with side stitches or a severe drop in performance. The mindful breathing of yoga can promote the more intensive use of oxygen and thus increase endurance.

All five reasons show very clearly that yoga, in particular, is considered the secret weapon for ambitious and professional athletes who want to get more out of themselves in the long term.

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