3 reasons why yoga and running are a perfect match

You’re probably wondering what yoga has to do with running and why they should go together perfectly when they couldn’t be more different.

As a runner, you will know that just running is not enough. Besides running, you have to train your body in many different ways.

3 reasons why yoga and running are a perfect match:

  1. Asanas (yoga exercises)
  2. Pranayama (breathing exercises in yoga)
  3. meditation

In order to run a certain distance faster, pure running training alone is not enough. The entire body has to be trained while running, and an optimal interaction has to be achieved. For example, take a look at Sportscheck’s practical yoga exercises for runners.

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Build stability

When running longer distances, it is important to develop stability in the lower back, e.g., to develop a smooth running style. But also the speed of the legs and the coordination must be trained. And, of course, the most important training component must not be forgotten – your head. Yoga is, therefore, the perfect alternative training. By the way, functional yoga clothing can also be used very well when running.

Alternative training – yoga

Yoga is particularly suitable for improving your running style. The asanas (here, you can read about special asanas for runners) target different muscle groups than when running, which strengthens them. This also improves your general posture. In addition, the yoga practice helps you become more flexible and thus prevents injuries.

Yoga while running

You can also incorporate your yoga practice into your run. Many asanas are performed while standing, such as the tree, the eagle, and the triangle. So you can use the silence and fresh air in the forest to practice a short yoga sequence.

The right breathing technique

But not only the asanas play a role for runners! For example, you can improve your oxygen volume through various breathing techniques. As a result, you won’t run out of breath so quickly while jogging.

Yoga improves breathing technique while jogging
Yoga improves breathing technique while jogging

I was able to experience that myself. At times when I put special emphasis on pranayama, breathing while running is incredibly easy for me. No matter what pace I run. However, if I haven’t used any breathing technique for a while, I immediately notice how difficult it is for me to breathe properly.

Mental training

Use meditation to improve your running performance. Now you’re probably wondering how that’s supposed to work.

Mediation serves to arrive at you and to perceive you. You feel your full potential and all your energy and learn to save this feeling and to be able to call it up when the time comes.

Turn off the head

And that’s what running is all about. That you can recall the feeling and feel again how much strength you still have. It’s all happening in your head! Your mind is trying to play tricks on you by saying you can’t take it anymore. And this is what you need to train with the help of meditation and yoga.

Combination of jogging and yoga

Let these 3 aspects (yoga exercises, pranayama, and meditation) merge with the running training, and you will see the first successes in a short time. And it’s not about whether you’re training for a marathon or your first 5k run.

Tell me about your experiences and leave a comment. I look forward to it!

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