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List of Peloton Training Programs – Overview, Details, and More

Here, I’ve got a lineup of Peloton programs and training plans for you. You’ll discover a variety of options, such as marathon training, power zone workouts, the couch-to-5k journey, strength training, and plenty more. Just give one of these programs a click, and you’ll land on a page with a quick rundown of what it’s all about, plus a handy list of classes organized by each week.

Note: At Homecoming 2021. Peloton introduced Training Plans 2.0, bringing along cool stuff like progress scorecards and shiny badges. But there’s a change you should know about – now, classes in a program are exclusively for those enrolled in that program. If you were halfway through an old program, you might have lost access to your progress. But here’s a little tip: if you happen to know the direct link to a class within the program, you can still kick it off using your phone or bookmark it for your bike or tread. And guess what? I’ve made things easy for you by providing direct links on each program page below.

Moreover, you have the option to access and swiftly switch to any week of a program by following the clever workaround provided in this guide. Initially, we present the complete multi-week programs at the top, followed by Peloton’s split strength training programs in a separate list below.

List of Current Peloton Programs & Peloton Training Programs

List of Current Peloton Split Strength Training Programs

List of Current Peloton Pump Up the Volume Collections

  • Pump Up The Volume 1 (list soon)
  • Pump Up The Volume 2 (list soon)
  • Pump Up The Volume 3 (list soon)
  • Pump Up The Volume 4 (list soon)
  • Pump Up The Volume 5 (list soon)
  • Pump Up The Volume 6 (list soon)
  • Pump Up The Volume 7 (list soon)
  • Pump Up The Volume 8

List of Former Peloton Programs & Peloton Training Programs

  • N/A

To get started with these programs, you’ll need to head over to the Program section on your Peloton Tread, Peloton Bike, Peloton website, or Peloton Digital app. When you locate your desired program, simply hit the “Join” button, and voila, you’ll be all set to dive into Week 1 of the program.


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