5 positive influences that yoga has on surfing

Both can take up more space in your life than you even realize at this point. But don’t be afraid of it, because it will only improve your life. Get involved!

Do yoga and surfing even go well together?

Yoga and surfing are two sports that complement each other perfectly; I would even say they form a symbiosis!

In the individual yoga exercises, the asanas, you will find parallels to surfing in the posture. For example, the “cobra” is very similar to the “take off” in surfing, or the “warrior” looks like a surfer on his board.

If you make progress in yoga, this can be observed immediately in your surfing skills. Many surf schools have now recognized this and also offer yoga classes!

1-  Yoga strengthens your body

With yoga, you train and strengthen your shoulders, your legs, your back, and your stomach, in short, your whole body. But not only will your muscles be strengthened during yoga, but your body tension and posture will also improve, and this will ensure a better sense of balance.

Regular yoga practice prepares your muscles and tendons perfectly for the time in the water. As a result, you’ll get stronger, more agile, and more enduring, all useful skills to get more waves.

2-  Yoga makes you more mindful

You will notice changes in yourself after a short time when you start practicing yoga.

You become more aware of nature, your surroundings, and your environment because yoga specially trains your mindfulness.

Through this newly won freedom of your mind, your positive energy can flow much better, and you go into the sea with a clearer consciousness.

3-  Yoga provides more clarity

Yoga helps you achieve better inner balance.

Attention to your entire body, mind, and consciousness is sharpened. You learn to calm your thoughts to listen better to yourself, your wishes, and your needs!

You also become more aware of your body, and you take more notice of yourself!

You live more intensely and learn to be more in the here and now, to consciously feel and enjoy the moment. This clarity will help you focus better on the waves and enjoy surfing even more.

4-  Yoga makes you more serene

Another positive influence yoga has on surfing is serenity. Through yoga practice, you learn to see life a little more relaxed, and you understand that pressure and stress don’t get you anywhere, let alone that it’s good for you!

Yoga teaches you to accept things you cannot change!

You also need this serenity when surfing because you are dealing with nature – which you have absolutely no control over, no matter how hard you try.

You will always have moments when the waves are not what you expected. But, whether they’re too big or too small, you’ll find it easier to smile away with your newfound composure.

In order to be even more relaxed, you should treat yourself and your body to a small round of yoga after a strenuous surfing session because the yoga exercises provide the right relaxation and also minimize any sore muscles you may have tomorrow.

5-  Yoga teaches you to let go

One of the most important teachings in yoga is letting go.

You learn that it’s absolutely OK if you can’t control everything and that some things just happen; you just have to let them go and don’t waste your energy trying to capture them.

For me, it is always one of the hardest exercises in my everyday life, but one of the most helpful philosophies in yoga. Let it flow; everything is in motion, and trust that it will be fine.

If you internalize this and bring this lightness with you to surfing, you will endure the next white water wash much more relaxed and emerge from the waves with a big grin.

Become a better surfer through yoga!

I hope the article has shown you how wonderfully yoga and surfing merge together. If you don’t surf yet, the post might have given you the last little kick to jump into the waves.

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