Yoga for Surfers: The perfect workout

Have you decided to learn to surf? Then you can expect pudding in your arms and a lot of sore muscles in the first few days of your course. When surfing, we use muscles that we often don’t use in our regular training. So, suddenly you feel soreness all over your body.

Welcome surfers!

If you have decided to take a surf course, you start the first few days in white water. This is the front part of the sea where the waves break and create foam which is great for learning to take off and building up the feel of surfing. When you get up, you use your entire body: your legs, buttocks, stomach muscles, and, of course, arms. And so that you don’t give up on the second day because of sore muscles but stay fit and work your way up to the green waves that want to be paddled, we will now show you in a few steps how best to prepare for your surfing course.

1-  Yoga for Surfers: The Sun Salutation – A miracle cure for all surfers

The sun salutation is not only a great way to start the day, but in its entirety, it is also the perfect workout for surfers. During the performance of the Sun Salutation, the Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha are active. This means that both your pelvic floor is active and your navel is pulled completely inwards. This alone creates enormous tension in the entire upper body.

Other positive effects that the sun salutation has on your body:

  • Your leg, buttocks, stomach, arm, chest, and back muscles will be stretched and strengthened
  • Annoying tension in the back or neck is released
  • The intensive sequence of the sun salutation warms up your entire body
  • Aside from the physical benefits, the sun salutation is also great mental preparation, giving you calm and energy at the same time.
  • Concentrating on the individual asanas gives you more attention and space for the thoughts you need while surfing.

2-  Yoga for Surfers: Do more with the plank

In addition to being a major element in Vinyasa Yoga, the plank or plank is also a tool for strong arms and shoulders. To do this, you bring your shoulders over your wrists while standing on all fours. The stomach stays tight the whole time. Make sure that you don’t sink in or push your buttocks up enormously.

You can incorporate small variations to get even more energy out of the board. For example, raise your left arm and right leg at the same time. This really challenges your abs again. If it trembles, then you did everything right. The reverse direction again, and your arms and legs are fit for surfing and, above all, well warmed up.

The plank is especially important for your core. From here, you strengthen your entire body, and this is super important for surfing. If you have stable muscles, you can paddle and stand up more easily.

3-  Yoga for Surfers: The Cobra – Your Imaginary Paddle

The cobra is also an element of the sun salutation and an integral part of Vinyasa Yoga. But it is also a great exercise for all surfers on their own.

  • Lift your head forward/up to create a backbend in your spine
  • Pull your sternum forward and your shoulders back
  • Make sure your elbows stay close to your body, and your hands are under your shoulders.
  • Now, push your pubic bone towards the floor, then try to put the instep of your foot on the floor.
  • Stay here for a few breaths

You will feel a slight pull in your lower back right after your first surfing lesson. This is because we do nothing about it in everyday life. We sit or lie down, and when we exercise, we take care of the muscles in the upper back. The lower back is there for the complete support of your body. When surfing, you also tense this part of your body particularly hard. Whether it’s paddling to a spot out in the open sea or paddling into a wave, you’re going to need muscle and stability. So include this exercise in your surf training, and you will be perfectly prepared for your course.

4-  Yoga for Surfers: The Grasshopper – The Cobra’s Big Sister

The locust is the advanced version of the cobra. The muscles in your upper and lower back are strengthened even more. In addition, your mobility, coordination, and willpower will be improved enormously. Attention: The grasshopper is not an easy exercise but requires a little experience. Make sure that you are really doing the exercise correctly and precisely.

For surfing, the locust is a great way to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and especially the hamstrings. You need all of this not only to lie stably on the board but also to get up energetically.

We hope that we were able to prepare you a bit for your surf course! Do you have any other suggestions? Then leave us a comment!

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