19 Games To Play That Are Like Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a game you will love if it’s your favorite. These games feature many of the same characteristics but also have some unique features.

Update: Bungie promises to continue supporting Destiny 2 into the future. Sometimes we need more variety when playing video games. A great way to keep comfortable is to play games that have similar flavors.

The 19 titles feature some similarities to the classic Bungie title. However, they are all unique with their own worlds and game mechanics.

19/19 Void Deep Rock Galactic – Dwarves in Space

Most dwarves don’t venture out beyond their missions and drink only what they have. There are many cosmetic secrets, passageways, and useful tips that you need to know in order to mine ore faster and more efficiently. Deep Rock Galactic was released in 2020. It only 2 years old, so there will be more to come.

18/19 Void Bastards – Pulpy, Brain Off Goodness

Void Bastards was a fun game that provided a unique experience from the typical roguelikes. It had all the trappings of a roguelike, but it was also fresh in its approach.

It’s simple enough. You can navigate through space by moving from one vessel to another, boarding, and scavenging. You can use what you find to make your life easier and more comfortable. You’ll find a lot of things and people once you get onboard. To make the most of each dock, you need to be prepared.

All this is just a matter of course. After being woken up by your guide, you will be aboard the VOID Ark. You are only there to perform his will. Fairness be told, the story was not great and was mostly forgettable. It’s a shame because the humor throughout is quite good.

17/19 World War Z – Fast-Paced Zombie Shooting

Saber Interactive’s World War Z game is the definition of bland, middle-of the-road. It takes a lot of inspiration from better titles, in this case the Left 4 Dead series. The game serves up a lazy rehash that excels at nothing while still offering a pleasant time. As long as you have a few friends to help you get through the campaign.

You and up to three others will travel around the world in five hours. This includes stops in New York City, Jerusalem Moscow, Tokyo, Moscow, and Moscow. All of it is perfectly manageable. You can stop zombies, take a bus to another city, and kill millions of cannon fodder and braindead enemies as you travel. It’s as bad as the Brad Pitt movie of same name. However, it abandons the Max Brooks book’s lore, which could have helped to give this sterile world a little more character.

16/19 Splitgate: Arena Warfare

It was a huge success in summer 2021, and was praised for its originality but resemblance with rival FPS title Halo. Splitgate was home to approximately 60,000 Steam peak players in August 2021. However, that number plummeted to just 3000 by early 2022.

15/19 Alienation – Top Down Action

The aliens have been invading the planet for a while now and humanity is not doing well. You can fight them off as one of the three exosuit-wearing characters classes. It’s a fascinating story with full-voiced narrations. But it will fade as you become obsessed with the insatiable drive to make monsters explode spectacularly, and get precious glowing loot.

The foundation was built on Dead Nation. However, this is more of an easier-paced spiritual successor with Diabloleanings and not a repeat of the exact same approach. To signify rarity, there are items drops that are marked by the standard colors of blue, purple, or orange. You can upgrade your guns or grenades, or you can recycle them to get materials for re-rolling individual stats like rate of fire, ammo count, and so on. As enemies lose their health bars, damage indicators are thrown off their heads. Although it is nothing new, we are able to see the benefits of this method.

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14/19 Risk of Rain 2 – Pick It Up, Put It Down, & Repeat

I was a happy when I first tried Risk Of Rain 2. I loved it, but I wanted more. Since then, I have been very pleased with the content in the game’s 1.0 release.

A roguelike has no content. I’m excited to see what Hopoo Games does with this game. The jump from 2D into 3D was amazing.

Risk Of Rain 2is an Roguelike. This means that there will be lots of randomness, death and, in this instance, chaos. The sequel follows the same pattern as the first: you will need to complete levels and collect various items that can affect your character’s attacks. Once you have reached the end, the boss will either die or you will be defeated. There are many challenges and a variety of characters so there’s always something to do.

13/19 Doom Eternal – Best Soundtrack Winner

Doom Eternal picks up from the 2016 reboot. That’s perfectly fine. Combat is fast, but movement is faster, and they come together in stunning fights where hundreds upon thousands of powerful enemies are defeated by the protagonist Doom Slayer, unless he stops for even a fraction of second.

Like in Doom, clever tricks encourage reckless, aggressive, and thrill-seeking play. Low-health enemies can easily be torn apart using up-close and personal attacks, “glory kills”. This drops health and encourages the player to not retreat from danger but instead to get closer.

12/19 Apex Legends – RIP Titanfall Games

Apex Legends doesn’t have a unique mechanical design. It borrows heavily from other battle royale games, but also refines and adds new mechanics. Apex spice things up with a unique set of heroes called “legends”, which include a variety abilities. This hero-shooter approach to battle royale, combined with its squad-focused gameplay is what makes it stand out from its peers.

Apex matches are composed of sixty players. They are divided into three-person teams. Each squad member is assigned a legend after being loaded into a match. However, squads can’t use multiple legends. If you choose a legend you like, but it has already been chosen, you will have to pick another. While there can be frustration, it is also a good opportunity to try new things.

11/19 Anthem – Yes, It’s Still Operating

Anthem is an action-RPG that takes place in a shared world. Players can explore a vast, technologically advanced world filled with forgotten treasures and amazing technology. There are also savage beasts, marauders, and other dangers in the world. Freelancers can help defeat these forces. Anthem allows up to four friends to explore the world and face its most terrifying challenges together. Successful Freelancers will all be richly rewarded for their successes, as shared danger equals shared glory. Players outfit their Freelancers in powerful Javelin exosuits that are equipped with unique weapons, abilities, and other useful equipment. You can also personalize your Javelin with the gear you earn or craft during the adventure.

10/19 Destiny 1 – The OG

Destiny is a game by the creators Halo. You are the Guardian of the last remaining city on Earth. You have the ability to wield extraordinary power. Explore the ancient ruins and jungles of the solar system, including the huge dunes of Mars and the lush jungles surrounding Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. All that we have been denied is ours back. Become legend. 

You can embark on an epic adventure filled with cinematic storytelling and cinematic storytelling that will help you uncover the mysteries of the universe and recover what was lost in the fall of the Golden Age. This is the next evolution in first-person action and promises to offer a unique combination of storytelling, collaborative, competitive, public gameplay and personal activities all interwoven into an expansive, persistent online universe. 

You can either venture out on your own or with friends. You have the option to go it alone or with friends. You have the ability to personalize and enhance every aspect of your appearance and fighting style with an almost limitless selection of weapons, armor, and visual customizations. Your upgraded character can be used in every mode including campaign, cooperative and social multiplayer.

9/19 Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is all guns. The moment-to-moment gameplay, which involves running-and-gunnin around a map, finding cover and climbing obstacles, as well as looting crates, feels more enjoyable than in previous games. Your weapons are responsive and fire quickly. It is easy to tell the difference between weapons that are poor or mediocre in accuracy. When you find one that ranks as high as an Olympic shooter’s accuracy, the only thing that will stop you from engaging in combat is running out of ammo or rushing without a plan.

Many weapons also have alt-modes. You can give your pistol a tracker by pressing a button. This allows you to tag a foe. Smart bullets are switched back to your pistol and your projectiles can focus on your foe even when they are close to corners and cover. An SMG can shoot flame bullets or poison projectiles. The rocket launcher can go from a big boom to smaller missiles. These weapons allow you to find the right weapon for your playstyle and adapt to your foes’ weaknesses. They also save space in your inventory (you don’t have to carry two weapons that do electric damage or poison damage, if one rifle does both).

8/19 Monster Hunter: World – Big Monsters With Bigger Loot

Monster Hunter World is a rare video game that connects players with nature. It takes you back to when humans were part of the food chain and allows you to be both a hunter-gatherer or zoologist. The hunter is a virtual Attenborough. He or she travels to stunning places that are rich in natural life, and unaffected by humans, and seeks out unusual creatures and gathers local plants, bugs, and mushrooms to study their healing and offensive properties. They must fight to the end, which is a distinct departure from Attenborough.

Monster Hunter’s enemies range from fire-breathing dinosaurs, elder dragons of building size, and fluffy bird-wyverns looking like a mix between a hamster or a bat. They are so convincingly portrayed, and have such personality that it is easy to believe they could be real creatures, despite their amazing appearance. They all live in a natural hierarchy, eating smaller monsters and running away from larger monsters when they are threatened. Beware, beginners: They will also feed on you if they have half the chance.

7/19 Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is more polished than any other newly launched shared-world shooter. It has a well-thought-out progression path that leaves at least some fuel in the tank. I was captivated for 60 hours by its great gunplay and worthwhile loot. It also has a beautiful world that offers many reasons to explore. It was quite a surprise to me to learn that World Tier 4’s difficult endgame content didn’t offer any meaningful rewards or new challenges. The Dark Zone was also far less exciting than I expected. These late-game flaws don’t negate the amazing journey I had to get there. Division 2 does so much more right than wrong.

6/19 Halo 5: Guardians

Master Chief was introduced to the world by Apple, and not Microsoft. Steve Jobs, who was pacing the Macworld Conference stage in 1999, declared that the video-game footage that he was about show was the “coolest” thing he had ever seen. The lights dimmed, and Halo’s melancholic chorus sounded in background. Apple’s emerging gaming ambitions were represented by Chief, who padded onto the screen behind Jobs.

But it was not to be. Within one year, the space marine, Bungie, and the game that he created were all sold to Microsoft. Microsoft’s Xbox console was launched two years later. Halo was viewed as an absurd piece of hardware by a company that didn’t have any business in video gaming beyond solitaire and flight sims. Microsoft hoped that the game would make the machine legal. It worked. It worked. The company sold over 65 million Halo games and nearly a million Xbox consoles.

5/19 Warframe

The Warframe is a free-to-use game that was released in 2013. It has received strong support and matches the visuals of the Destiny 2 sequel. Warframe is one of the most-played games on Steam. This is despite it only being available on all current consoles.

It’s easy to start the game and gives you the feeling of Destiny third-person.

4/19 Planetside2: This Isn’t Outriders

Planetside 2, nine years after the original Planetside, was made available to PC in November 2012. This sequel was made accessible to PS4 in June 2015. This is a huge multiplayer FPS. It currently holds the Guinness World Record of most players playing on a single map with more than 1,100 active players.

Although the initial experience can be daunting, it is easy to get into the game. The shooter has a familiar environment that provides many of the same mechanics as a fast-paced player vs-player. As a result, you will find this free MMOFPS to be an enjoyable experience.

3/19 Titanfall 2 – Justice For BT

Titanfall2, the nominee for Game of the Year 2016, hasn’t received the attention it deserves due to its placement between two big names, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2: You take control of a pilot with their mecha-styled robotic companions while using a grappling hook to fly across multiple map areas and avoid gunfire and other not-so-nice titans.

Although it’s a short game, the setting provides something special that the first installment didn’t have and is certainly worth the time. The multiplayer mirroring of Call of Duty games remains the central focus.

2/19 Killzone

Since the launch of the PlayStation 2’s Killzone series, it has been a constant for Sony and its console. PlayStation has welcomed a Killzone-related installment to each of its platforms since then.

It was first released on the PS2, but then it made its way to the PlayStation Portable. Following was the PS3, PS Vita, and then one of the launch games for the new console, the PlayStation 4. This well-loved franchise has stood the test of time and deserves more than most first-person shooters.

1/19 Diablo 3- Gimme That Loom

The Diablo 3 series was delayed for twelve years. However, it finally returned to the screens of monitors all over the world in December 2006. It became the fastest-selling PC gaming title, selling more than 3.5M copies within the first 24 hours. Hundreds of characters are available to gamers, so they can spend hours leveling up while also joining their friends to take down hundreds of zombies and ghostly creatures.

Aside from loot littering their arenas, one difference between the two games is the transition from a first-person view to an exaggerated angle. Additionally, a player vs. player combat option was added to the Diablo core experience.


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