The 27 most popular mobile games of 2022

Would you like to play a cool new mobile game but have absolutely no idea which of the many games on offer you should install on your smartphone? No problem, because we have a small decision-making aid for you at the start. We present you: The 27 most popular smartphone games in 2022 that you should have played.

Clash of Clans (Android)

Clash of Clans is a very popular online strategy game in which the player has the task of building his own village. Starting with a town hall, more and more buildings are added over the course of the game, some of which can also produce important raw materials such as gold or elixir. You can use these to purchase additional buildings and finance the armed forces training. “Clash of Clans” is not a pure development game but also a fighting game in which you have to fend off enemy attacks from foreign armies. However, if you upgrade your buildings extensively, they act as sturdy fortresses that not even experienced archers or powerful giants can harm. However, it is a long way until then, so you should plan a lot of time.

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Fortnite (iOS, Android)

Fortnite has been a long-running cult game on both the PC and consoles and is still loved by millions. Fans can now enjoy the varied shooter on their smartphone. It offers a unique gaming experience that isn’t limited to the original. You have the option to show off your tactical skills or join a team of friends in battle. You have many options to upgrade your character and combat zones. Every week, cool new game modes, weapon looks, special items, and more are available. You will be inspired by this iconic game on your phone. Be careful:

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Mario Kart Tour (iOS, Android)

“Mario Kart” has long had a cult following on Nintendo consoles. The plumber and his friends have now discovered the smartphone and are competing against each other in “Mario Kart Tour.” The game’s name suggests that the Nintendo heroes will compete against each other in the “Mario Kart Tour.” They will be competing on various tracks around the globe, including those from previous games. You can also jump off the track with many crazy objects and gain high rankings by performing well. Mario Kart Tour is especially fun when played against friends or up to seven other players around the globe. So, let’s get ready to go.

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Pokemon GO (iOS, Android)

“Pokemon GO,” for a long time, was a mobile game that you couldn’t get to. Although the hype has slowed down, many players around the world still love the Niantic game. The player must capture the magical Pokemon, just like in the anime series. Highlight: You can catch the little creatures on streets and in parks, but they are only visible outside on your phone’s screen. The servers aren’t as busy since there aren’t so many people trying to snag the best Pokemon in the inner cities. This makes “Pokemon GO” even more enjoyable than before the release.

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Among Us (iOS, Android)

The game has really grown in popularity. This multiplayer strategy game takes place on a spaceship and can be played with four to 10 players over local Wi-Fi or online. It’s fun with friends as long as you don’t take it too seriously, but the real madness comes when you’re playing online with a group of strangers.

The basic premise is simple: you are a crew member, and your job is to complete various tasks around the ship – but wait! There is an impostor among you who has an insidious plan: to cruelly slaughter everyone! Your goal is to find out which of you is the culprit. Along the way, the imposter tries to mislead the other players by sabotaging things, creating alibis, and covering up the murders. If you’re playing as a member of the crew, all you have to do is make sure you complete your quests while trying to figure out who the imposter is. When you play as an imposter, your goal is to kill everyone before they find out who the guilty party is. The game is free and surprisingly addictive,

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (iOS, Android)

This impressive game from the Harry Potter universe also comes from the creators of “Pokémon GO,” which will captivate both small and large players this year. A terrible disaster has helped bring magical spells, objects, artifacts, and people into the muggle world. With the help of renowned witches and wizards from all over the world, you, as the player, can take part in uncovering the escaped mysteries before mankind finds out about them. Just like in “Pokémon GO,” these are scattered in real life and visible using the phone screen. Tracking down these magical elements isn’t particularly difficult, as a useful map shows their respective locations. Whoever liked Harry Potter,

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Apex Legends Mobile (iOS, Android)

It seemed inevitable that Electronic Arts would port Apex Legends to mobile, as almost every other AAA shooter has either done or plans to do so. Unfortunately, since it’s a completely new development for mobile devices, it is in no way compatible with the console or PC versions. However, there is some cross-compatibility as you can play against your friends on iOS or Android.

What’s even crazier is the game’s resemblance to the original when it comes to how it plays. However, since the mobile version is a separate game version, it will contain content and characters that are not available in the main game. On top of that, the game is commercialized in a fair way, as all purchases are purely decorative and do not give the player an unfair advantage.

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Super Mario Run (iOS, Android)

For a long time, Nintendo was reluctant to publish its games on mobile devices. Thank goodness those responsible have changed their minds in the meantime. This way, we can enjoy the ingenious jump ‘n’ run game “Super Mario Run,” which is strongly reminiscent of the classic “Super Mario Bros” games. Although Mario automatically runs from left to right here for the first time, this change compared to the classic games does not detract from the fun of the game. On the contrary: The lovingly animated levels in 2D optics, the many creative ideas, and above all, the well-known original sound will quickly inspire Nintendo nostalgics.

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PAC-MAN 256 (iOS, Android)

Another classic with a new look is “PAC-MAN 256”. Every video game fan probably knows the insatiable Pac-Man, who has to flee from mean ghosts. While the original was a bit old-fashioned 40 years ago, this ingenious remake not only convinces it with a more contemporary look but also with several optimizations: The individual levels are now endless, and it is possible to traverse them via side portals. With the help of the power-ups, you can turn the tables and let the ghosts run away – the futuristic laser beam is particularly ingenious. It is a really successful remake of a timeless classic, which is ideal for playing on the go or just in between.

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Call of Duty: Mobile (iOS, Android)

It took a long time, but in October 2019, a mobile version of the extremely successful first-person shooter “Call of Duty” was finally released. As a fan of PC and console games, you can look forward to an impressively successful smartphone implementation in “Call of Duty: Mobile.” It boasts pin-sharp HD graphics, as well as a wide range of original maps from “Black Ops” and “Modern Warfare.” In addition, there are different game modes, such as “Team Deathmatch,” the solo mode, or the brand new “Battle Royal” mode, in which up to 100 players can take aim at the same time. The long wait was more than worth it.

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Brawl Stars (iOS, Android)

“Brawl Stars” is a very entertaining multiplayer game from the creators of “Clash of Clans,” in which the player can really let off steam in varied fights. However, this game is not a brutal first-person shooter but a comparatively cute animated game in comic style, which in this way should also fascinate players who don’t really know what to do with the fighting game genre. The better you do in each of the three-minute rounds, the more upgrades, optimizations, and skins you gradually unlock. Will you manage to be the last player standing on the field to earn a spot on the leaderboard?

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Diablo Immortal (iOS, Android)

With Diablo Immortal, you get a “PC or premium console version on a small screen.” On mobile, you get the whole Diablo experience, including a long campaign.

Activities and tasks are optimized for mobile play, so you can quickly complete quests and get back into the action.

The basic game mechanics of the PC version are cleverly transferred to the smartphone, so the gameplay never gets boring. The gameplay is very similar to Diablo 3, with the difference that abilities no longer consume resources and can be used again after a short cooldown, which speeds up battles.

If there’s anything to complain about, it’s that the game, with its many microtransactions, might put some players off. But whether you are a die-hard fan of the Diablo series or not, Diablo Immortal is among the most popular mobile games of 2022.

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Now one of the pioneers of the entire industry is entering the race. The offshoot of the successful Steam-based shooter is now also available for mobile devices and is free of charge. For a shooter of this quality level, this is a real hammer. You can fight for victory with up to 100 other players on various maps. In the beginning, you jump somewhere above the huge map and have to find weapons and equipment in houses, barns, and everywhere else. The radius of the circle you can survive in gets smaller over time. If you are outside the circle, you take damage. This is how battles are forced. A classic battle royale mode. The graphics and controls seem almost perfectly mature.

In contrast to its PC-based counterpart, the shooter hardly has to make any compromises. One of the best shooters in the entire genre. Just download, have fun, enjoy and forget the time. Attention, this game offers an enormously high potential for addiction!

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Rocket League side swipe (iOS, Android)

Rocket League is a fast-paced multiplayer video game for consoles and PC that combines elements of soccer, cars, and billiards. In contrast, Rocket League Sideswipe adapts the same addictive gameplay to your mobile. It simplifies gameplay for mobile devices without losing the depth that makes the game so immersive. In this 2D sidescrolling variant, you still have to shoot a big soccer ball into your opponent’s basket or goal. In online mode, 1v1 and 2v2 battles always provide new challenges, and the sophisticated ball mechanics ensure that the game never gets boring.

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Fluffy Fall (iOS, Android)

This ingenious 3D endless running adventure from WHAT games is just super cute to look at. The principle of the game is relatively simple, as you have to make sure that little Fluffy gets to the destination safely with simple finger touches on the screen. Numerous obstacles that stand in his way, including dangerous flamethrowers, blocks of ice, circular saws, and lasers, make this project anything but easy, so you should bring a good dose of skill with you for some passages. However, hard work is not only rewarded with lots of points: you can gradually unlock 60 different Fluffy characters, one of which is cuter than the other.

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Alto’s Odyssey (iOS, Android)

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to and even eclipses the hugely popular game Alto’s Adventure. In the role of the daring sand border Alto, the player throws himself over mountains and valleys at a breathtaking speed that would make even the lightning-fast hedgehog Sonic pale. While you can use relatively simple controls to show off cool jumps and moves, the eye is spoiled by impressive landscapes with depth and razor-sharp HD graphics.

And so that the variety is not neglected, “Alto’s Odyssey” offers 180 mini-missions, which are divided into a total of 60 levels. A really extremely entertaining game, which gives a lot of pleasure in between and on the go, and is not listed in our top 20 of the most popular mobile games 2022 for nothing.

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Hay Day (iOS, Android)

Although “Hay Day” was launched several years ago, the mobile game will still be one of the most popular games in 2022 – it’s not for nothing that it was number 1 in over 120 countries for a long time.

As a player, you take care of your own land, where you can grow crops or trade goods with neighbors and friends. Of course, there are also numerous cute animals that you can give a new home to on your own farm – and if the season allows, you can beautify your house and yard with a wide variety of beautiful decorative elements. The graphics are deliberately designed to be cute, so those younger players will also have a lot of fun with the game. A great game but highly addictive.

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Infinite Shooting: Galaxy War (iOS, Android)

Do you remember the cult arcade game “Space Invaders”? The creators of “Infinite Shooting: Galaxy War” probably found the game so cool that they used it as a model for their own game. The player slips into the role of a pilot who takes a seat in a fighter jet; he flies through the endless expanses of space. That this really isn’t going to be a jaunt is already apparent after the first brilliant opponents, who have to be wiped off the screen with the help of powerful weapons. What may sound relatively simple provides a lot of entertainment because the level of difficulty gets harder from level to level – and there are a total of 70 different stages to explore. The great graphics and the sound, which are deliberately kept in the arcade style, are also really well done.

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Genshin Impact (iOS, Android)

In this massive role-playing game, you will explore the fantastical world of Teyvat, a land ruled by ancient gods and holding centuries-old secrets. But none of this is known to your protagonist. In Genshin Impact, you search the world for your missing sibling while fighting off monsters and helping the people you meet.

The vast world of Genshin Impact is designed to resemble Zelda, and the constant flow of new content should keep you busy for a long time. Also, the presentation is superb, with top-notch camerawork, excellent voice acting, and a truly remarkable soundtrack.

Genshin Impact is ad-supported and completely free. And while it’s still a mobile game with lots of microtransactions, Genshin Impact is worth the money.

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Minecraft (iOS, Android)

The pixelated builder that took gamers and more YouTube by storm is available on your smartphone. And just like Fortnite, it allows for cross-play, meaning if you want to play with your friends who are on PS4, Xbox, or PC, you can definitely do that, which is really cool. Well, Minecraft is priced at $7.99, and while that’s often more than people want to spend on mobile games, it’s a bargain for this title. Minecraft is one of the coolest, most relaxing games out there, especially when played in creative mode. Escape from reality for a while and lose yourself in a creative world.

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Hero Rescue (iOS, Android)

Hero Rescue is one of the most popular Android games of the moment and has been downloaded more than 10 million times from Google’s Play Store. You slip into the role of a courageous hero who has to free his beloved princess and collect lots of valuable treasures along the way. However, this is anything but easy because, on the way to royal highness, there are countless tricky puzzles to be solved, which become even more difficult from level to level. Ideally, there is no prescribed time in which you have to complete a level, so you can use your brain for a long time. Speaking of long: “Hero Rescue” offers over 1,000 levels, which means that the fun can last for a considerable period of time. An integrated multiplayer mode provides additional entertainment,

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Soul Knight (iOS, Android)

In “Soul Knight,” the player has to deal with nasty aliens who have made a detour to earth to steal the Stone of Balance. Of course, mankind cannot let that sit on its own. So it’s the way it has to be: In the cute, animated shooting game with a cult retro look, the lousy aliens get a lot of fire under their butts. In contrast to many similar games, you can look forward to an impressive arsenal of weapons here because there are a total of 170 pieces of equipment to choose from, some of which are very unusual, to fight against the extraterrestrials. Each character also has very special melee techniques that prove to be extremely helpful in many situations. By the way, “Soul Knight” is especially fun in the multiplayer mode,

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Bloons TD 6 (iOS, Android)

“Bloons TD 6” is a classic “tower defense game” which is already available in countless versions. However, numerous creative ideas have flowed into this implementation, which guarantees almost limitless fun. It starts with the fact that the protagonists of the game aren’t humans but cute little monkeys. In more than 40 varied maps, they must ensure that their world is not overrun by nasty enemies – which is not always easy. However, the defense towers used for this can be upgraded in many ways, and the groups consisting of several monkeys also become stronger and stronger as the game progresses with the help of useful gadgets. Bloons TD 6 is a really entertaining strategy game that will draw the player into its beautifully animated world in just a few minutes. Most of all, you don’t want to let your smartphone out of your hand at all.

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Monster Legends (iOS, Android)

In “Monster Legends,” you roam through magical worlds in which countless monsters have settled. The first thing to do is to capture them in order to then raise and train them in a special habitat. After you have taught your monsters various skills, they can compete against other monsters in spectacular arenas and put the skills they have learned to the test. Although the game principle is very reminiscent of “Pokémon,” the game can still provide good entertainment and variety with numerous ideas of its own. A total of over 400 monsters are waiting for you to capture them. In addition, new specimens are added week after week, and it is even possible to create your own species in this cool game.

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Candy Crush Soda Saga (iOS, Android)

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a new game from the creators of Candy Crush Saga, which is already one of the most popular mobile games in its own right. As a player, it takes you back to the motley land of sweets. The gameplay is reminiscent of its predecessor because here, too, you have to combine at least three identical symbols with each other in order to gradually unlock more levels. In the second part, however, the focus is much more on the skillful creation of long chains, and lemonade also plays a major role here. If such a bottle is integrated into a combination, this triggers a soda effect. This causes the candies to fall out of the playing field and is catapulted. These and many other innovative ideas make “Candy Crush Soda Saga” a worthy successor to the original,

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Free Fire (iOS, Android)

Free Fire is a survival shooter game. A round lasts about 10 minutes and takes you to a remote island where you face off against 49 other players, all fighting for survival. Players freely choose their starting point with the parachute and try to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the huge map, hide in ditches, or become invisible by driving through grass. Ambush, shoot, survive, there is only one goal: to survive.

You can also play Free Fire in a team with your friends. Up to four players can team up. Easy-to-use controls and smooth graphics also promise a great gaming experience.

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Mafia City (iOS, Android)

We would like to recommend Mafia City for its novel combination of strategic gameplay and a story about becoming a new mafia boss.

While many other strategy games are set in the past or in fictional worlds, in this game, you take on the role of the boss of a modern criminal organization in an urban setting, which is pretty awesome. You decide which structures you want to expand. This will give you more resources and the opportunity to train new people. Then you decide whether you want to play together with your friends and help each other to expand your empires or whether you fight each other and eliminate everyone who stands in your way.

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