Peloton Daft Punk Series Announcement

Peloton members should anticipate that Daft Punk-themed programs and an artist series will become available to download sometime around the forthcoming holiday break.

It seems that the run was filmed on Tuesday, December 20th, as indicated by the information provided by the class. It is possible that this was put on the calendar in an accident given that classes associated with artist series normally do not fill in the future schedule until the series has been announced. Because it is highly improbable that a Daft Punk artist series would consist of only a single session, we anticipate that more classes will be added to the encore calendar.

Peloton Daft Punk Series Announcement

Peloton has had a tradition of adding new prominent artist series lessons to its on-demand library on Christmas Day for the previous two years.

There is also the possibility that the Daft Punk series might be linked to the release of one artist on New Year’s Day, with a new artist’s work being made available on Christmas Day.

In case you somehow managed to miss it, Peloton just announced that from December 24 through January 2, there would be no live lessons coming from either Peloton New York or London. Peloton, on the other hand, is planning to drop new material, among which are the Top 50 Countdown classes.

The Peloton Daft Punk artist series was formally revealed on December 29th, according to the latest available information.

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