Dick’s Sporting Goods Is Making It Easier Than Ever to Get Into Peloton

This past August, Peloton had an enormous shift in its traditional direct to consumer strategy. Peloton is now able to sell your favorite home-fitness equipment at one the most well-known sporting goods retailers in the country, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This partnership is the first time select Peloton products can be purchased in-store, other than at the brand’s brick-and-mortar locations. To help you earn Scorecard points this holiday season here are the details about the latest Peloton product sale.

What Peloton Products Are Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Peloton tried third-party retail in the beginning of this year but it was limited to a few accessories and equipment choices. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a new partnership that covers all of the Peloton home exercise equipment, with only two accessories. Dick’s Sporting Goods’ website offers the Peloton Bike, Guide, Bike+ and Tread as well as Peloton Cycling Shoes and Bike mats. This makes for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Dick’s Sporting Goods says that only the Peloton Guide, Bike, and accessories are currently available in-store, however, you can still try the devices out before purchasing. Dick’s offers a “Try Before You Buy” program that allows you to try the Peloton Bike or Bike+, and Tread before purchasing at select stores.

What is the Difference Between Amazon and Dick’s Peloton Shop?

Although having multiple places to buy your favorite Peloton items is great for customers, the shops offer different shopping experiences. Amazon allows you to compare the Peloton Bike with other indoor bicycles. However, it is limited to the Guide, Bike, and accessories. Furthermore, you can’t feel the product and see how much space you will need to give up when you shop on Amazon.

Dick’s shop focuses more attention on the Peloton machines. It can be a great way to see the Peloton equipment in person before you make a purchase. Although there is less accessory selection, you might be more likely to purchase smaller pieces of equipment. Larger fitness gear requires more research.

However, third-party retailers’ shops both share the same note: a lack in bundled deals. If you are looking to add a bicycle mat, Peloton Shoes, and other Peloton accessories to your equipment purchase, then the direct to consumer site is the best option.

How to purchase Peloton items at Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Peloton’s home gym equipment, Peloton shoes, and bike mats are now available online and at select Dick’s Sporting Goods shops. The Peloton App will be available for free for new users who purchase their Peloton machine from Dick’s Sporting Goods. After the trial period, their membership will return to the $12.99/month rate.

This could be the step that pushes Peloton to the top in the home-fitness market. While time will tell, many people are still weighing whether or not to join the fitness craze. However, Dick’s partnership makes it a lot easier.

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