New Peloton Pilates Challenge/Badge

Peloton has introduced its Pilates collection in an official capacity. Peloton is not wasting any time in its efforts to get people to check out the new courses that they are offering. And now we are introducing a brand new flash event as well as a badge for Pilates.

For members to receive the badge, they will need to participate in any three Pilates courses throughout the following ten days, from December 21st to the 30th. The competition will begin on December 21st of this year.

Twenty different Pilates classes may be taken at the present moment. Hannah Corbin, Kristin McGee, Emma Lovewell, Aditi Shah, Sam Yo are some of the instructors that are responsible for leading the Peloton Pilates courses. You may find the courses by browsing the on-demand library’s “Strength” section and then choosing the “Pilates class filter” from inside the Strength section.


You may participate in the Pilates flash challenge by downloading the Peloton iOS app, using the Bike or Tread, or going online to the Peloton website.

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