2022 Peloton veterans’ day & armistice day classes & veterans day collection

The United States celebrates Veterans Day on November 11, and Armistice Day across many countries in the world. Peloton observes the holidays with several classes.

The schedule includes three live classes: a ride with Camila RAMON, a run with Susie Chan and Marcel DinkinsMatt Wilpers also dropped an outdoor run this morning due to popular demand. The complete class list is available below.

Peloton Veterans Day & Armistice Day Schedule & Classes for 2022

  • 30 min. Run with Matt Wilpers – Veterans Day – 11/11/22 at 10:00am ET
  • 30 min. Run with Susie Chan – Armistice Day– 11/11/22 at 1:00pm ET
  • 20 min. Ride with Camila Ramón – Veterans Day– 11/11/22 at 1:00 pm ET
  • 30 min. Run with Marcel Dinkins – Veterans Day– 11/11/22 at 2:30pm ET

In addition, a special Veterans Day collection is now available. It will include this year’s and past years classes.

2022 Peloton veterans’ day & armistice day classes & veterans day collection

There have been special badges given to Peloton members who took a Veterans Day class in the past. This year, you will get the same badge as before. There is also an Armistice Day badge. Members are encouraged to ride with #Vets hashtag to show support. You can also add other hashtags to your profile, including:

  • #USAFVet
  • #NavyVets
  • #MilitaryVeteran
  • #RetiredMilitary
  • #MilitarySpouse
  • #ArmyVet
  • #CombatVeteran
  • #USMCVets

For the past few years, Peloton observed Veterans Day with dedicated classes.

There is an unofficial Peloton Veterans & Military Facebook group.

We send our deepest gratitude to veterans and the military community, today and always.

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