Advanced 5 Day Split With Adrian Williams: Peloton Strength Program

Peloton recently unveiled their inaugural batch of split training strength programs designed for the Peloton Guide. Among these fresh strength training programs is Adrian Williams, who’s all set to lead five weekly classes, each lasting 30 minutes. This program is classified as advanced-level training.

These split strength programs are all week-long journeys, each guided by a Peloton coach. They come in different durations, ranging from 3 to 5 workouts. The cool part is that you can do them again and again to see how far you’ve come. Plus, you can earn badges by completing classes within these programs.

Program Overview

Program Description

Get ready for Adrian Williams’ Advanced 5 Day Split Strength Program from Peloton! Here’s what they have to say: “Supercharge your workouts with Adrian. Boost your strength and sculpt muscles in this 1-week Guide program. You’ll lift heavier weights and focus on different body areas each day. Keep coming back to see your gains and improvement!”

Class List & Schedule

Here’s the rundown of the weekly classes in the program. Two important points to remember: First, these fresh programs are tailored exclusively for the Peloton Guide for roughly 7 weeks. Second, the classes are initially “locked” and will unlock as you progress through the program. Nevertheless, whether you own the Guide or have begun the program, you can click on any class in the list below to discover it. You can even bookmark it or add it to your schedule and take it right away if you wish. Just keep in mind that you won’t earn the badge this way.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Step into Adrian’s Advanced 5 Day Split! After powering through five consecutive days of split workouts, you’ve earned those well-deserved rest days. These workouts are tailored to fire up every muscle in your Body Activity.

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