Now Android fitness apps like Peloton can share data via Health Connect

Android has launched HealthConnect in public beta. This app allows users to assimilate data from multiple eligible fitness and health apps into one platform.

Google provides an example of how Peloton users can use it for credit and sync to their Peloton workouts on apps like MyFitnessPal and WeightWatchers. They also have the option to share workout data with other fitness apps. You can also manage privacy settings and individual permissions from one central location.

The services have been integrated with 10 prominent fitness, health, or wellness apps, including FitBit and Oura along with MyFitnessPal, Peloton, and Flo. Health Connect was announced for the first time in May. Access to this service was initially limited to developers who were creating new integrations.

You can download the beta version of Health Connect now from the Google Play Store

Health Connect was developed in partnership with Samsung. It aims to standardize data sharing among fitness and health apps. This replaces previous sharing integrations that required developers to make API connections for each app. This was not only labor-intensive and expensive to maintain, but it also made it difficult for users unlock their data to allow it to sync to other apps.

Health Connect now supports more than 40 data types from six categories. It only requires a few lines code and provides a standard data schema for developers. This not only simplifies app connectivity, but it also provides more central privacy controls that allow users to see which apps have access to certain data at a specific time.

Health Connect is currently available for download via the Google Play Store as a beta. However, no information has been provided regarding a public release. Google has previously stated that the app would be preinstalled for new Android devices later in the year.

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