Peloton’s 2022 Annual Challenge Badges is experiencing Glitches

Some members recently reported problems with the Peloton 2022 Annual Challenge that was just completed, and the ongoing 2023 Annual.

Peloton’s Annual Challenge tracks members’ active minutes in all modes available on the Peloton platform. Members can earn a badge if they complete a minimum of 1,000. There are 13 levels available: 1,000, 10,000, 15,000, 18,000, and 20,000.

Some members shared their frustrations with the fact that their badges for 2022 appear to have been retroactively altered and are incorrect since the end of the year.

This is affecting only those members who have earned their last Annual Challenge badge in the last few days of 2022. If you are close to reaching 18,000 minutes, and you surpass it in the last days of 2022 then you will be awarded the badge. You can see the 18,000 Annual Challenge badge on both your profile and on our Annual Challenge page.

The badge might have disappeared during the first week of 2023, and you now only see the 15,000 Annual Challenge badge. You may also see minutes taken from your progress towards the Annual Challenge.

This is not a problem that only affects the 18,000-tier. Members at all levels of the challenge have reported it. It is not possible to guarantee the number of minutes removed. However, members have shared that they have seen a decrease in their 2022 annual total time by anywhere from a single digit to as high as 200 minutes.

This issue is mainly affecting members who are have just completed a tier at the end of 2022. Peloton members have shared their experiences with Member Support. They have received diverse responses, but no official status has been given to the issue.

Many members have downloaded their Peloton workout history in a CSV format and performed some calculations using excel to check the inconsistency. They indeed found inconsistent results.

Others are also reporting oddities in how their minutes are being counted to the new 2023 Annual Challenge. They report that they have taken only regular 15, 30 or 45-minute classes, yet have a total of minutes that is 179, for example. This shouldn’t be possible.

Did you have an issue with your 2022/2023 Annual Challenge totals?

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