Peloton Offers Beginner Pilates Collection Offered by Kristin McGee

Today, Peloton shared news of their newest strength training program with the cycling community. This brand new Pilates program lasts for one week and goes by the name Beginner Pilates. At the moment, it is being taught by Kristin McGee. The program is designed for beginners and consists of seven Peloton Pilates courses spread out over a week. The goal of the program is to assist Peloton members who want to begin Pilates.

A preview of the program was sent out through email to a select group of subscribers one week ago, and it has now been made available to the general public.

The following is the authorized description of the new collection:

Participate in a week of beginner Pilates classes with Kristin, all of which are intended to help you get started on your journey with Pilates. Each session will concentrate on a fundamental element of Pilates, and students will gradually work their way toward a more self-assured practice.

How to Get Badges for Beginning Pilates and Where to Start?

If you complete three courses, you can get a bronze badge; if you finish five classes, you can earn a silver badge; if you finish six classes, you can win a gold badge; there are seven classes in all.

When it is finally available, members of the collection may sign up for it on the official website, on any of the Peloton Bike models, on the Tread, or via the digital app. Simply navigate to the programs section of the website, look for the program titled “Beginner Pilates with Kristin,” and then join the program.

Remember that as usual, Peloton’s revamp of programs, certain courses are “locked” and only accessible when you move through the program. This information pertains to the Peloton Beginner Program and is available here. On the other hand, you are free to choose any class name from this list:

After that, you will have the option to save it as a bookmark, add it to your pile, or take it immediately if you so want.

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