Can Kids Use Peloton Bike and Tread? Is it Safe?

You may be curious about whether or not your youngster is able to ride a Peloton Cycle to have the same kind of enjoyable exercise that a lot of other people are having with the Peloton.

Peloton users must be at least 14 years old to rent or purchase a bike from the company. Peloton Bikes are designed to accommodate riders weighing up to 297 pounds and standing between 4 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 5 inches tall.

The following are the age and size criteria for the Peloton Tread:

Adults aged 16 and older, and between 4’11” and 6’4″ in height.

If you can meet those standards, you will be able to utilize the bike, as stated on the Peloton website.

Why Aren’t Kids Allowed to Use Peloton?

When it comes to a child using a Peloton exercise bike, there are a few things that should be avoided.

They are not Sufficiently Big for Equipment:

Not only is a kid under the age of 14 too little to use a Peloton since it is difficult for them to step up to the pedals and see the screen, but they also run the risk of harming themselves by putting their fingers and hands in areas where they aren’t intended to be.

Risk of Falling:

The Peloton bike poses a risk of falling if it is not secured to a solid support, such as a wall or post, as it is designed to be used. If the child is not paying attention to what is going on around them, riding the bike improperly poses a risk of them falling off of it.

the Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle peloton bike for kids
the Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle – A bike for kids inspired by peloton bikes

How Can You Be Sure That Your Kid Is Safe When Using Peloton?

Whether you are riding the bike yourself or not, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of your kid while they are in the vicinity of your Peloton:

  • If your kid somehow manages to climb up on the pedals of your Peloton bike, putting the resistance to 100 will prevent your child from being able to make any movement at all, so assuring your child’s safety.
  • Since the Peloton includes a screen with video, children often engage in nosy behavior. This screen may be removed, making it less likely that children will get distracted by it even if their gaze wanders.
  • You always have the option of locking your bike away in a separate room so that your children are unable to use it while you aren’t present to supervise them.

Measures to Follow While Your Kid Is on a Peloton Bike or Tread:

If your kid is planning to utilize the Peloton for the first time and is 14 years old, there are several precautions you need to take to keep them safe:

  • Make it a point to be there at all times throughout your child’s physical activity sessions, not just to ensure their safety but also to provide them with moral support.
  • If the children are less than 14 years old, you should think about getting them a Tread since it is a treadmill and not a complete bicycle, making it a safer option.
  • On-demand services are available for children, and parents can monitor the content of these services to ensure that it is suitable for their children before their children watch them. Filters are provided for language.
  • Peloton provides recommendations for both teachers and music, allowing you to choose which of its classes and playlists are most likely to appeal to your youngster.
  • Your kid should always begin their Peloton education with beginning lessons, not advanced ones so that they can gain a feel for the sport and figure out what it’s all about before advancing too quickly.
  • If you are thinking about getting your child involved in physical activity, you should start with introductory programs since the vast majority of them are kid-friendly.

Peloton Classes For Kids And Family Classes

It’s possible that Peloton doesn’t offer a kid-sized bike or treadmill, or any equipment programs designed just for children. Yet, there are yoga, strength, and cardio courses that are geared toward families and include both children and adults. Since it is possible to stream Peloton on television, watching it together as a family is a fun thing to do.

  • Kristin McGee will be teaching the Fit Family Flow Yoga Sessions.
  • Jess Sims is offering family cardio courses.
  • Meditations by Chelsea Jackson and Anna Greenberg.
  • Jess Sims offers family strength classes.

Classes at Fit Family Peloton are geared at encouraging participation from all members of the household in physical activity. All members of the family are welcome to participate in the Family Family Cardio and Fit Family Yoga routines, which have been created for people of all ages.

Peloton’s Fit Family sessions come in a variety of formats and categories, some of which include brain breaks, fun, and strong. There are specialized subcategories within the Yoga practice known as Peloton courses for children and Peloton classes for preteens and teenagers.

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