How to Fix Peloton No Command and Dead Android Logo on Tablet Issue

Users of Peloton bikes may at some times have problems with their iPads. Errors such as “No Command” and “Dead Android Logo” are two of the most frequent problems. While attempting to utilize the Peloton bike, these issues may be annoying and unpleasant. We’ll take you through how to resolve these problems and put your Peloton bike back in working order in this tutorial.

Start the tablet again

Restarting the tablet should be your first line of defense if you have “No Command” or “Dead Android Logo” issues.

As soon as the screen becomes black, press and hold the power button. Press the power button once more to switch on the tablet after a little delay. Go to the following step if this approach fails.

  1. Launch the tablet.
  2. After the Peloton P arrives, simultaneously press and release the main power button and the Up-Volume button. Screen-like programming will appear.
  3. Tap the power button after pressing the Down-Volume to the WIPE SCREEN instruction.
  4. The issue should be resolved by pressing the Down Volume button to execute the restore screen instruction which means touching the power bottom again.

If the aforementioned steps do not resolve the issue, try disconnecting the power brick from the wall and taking the tablet’s two cords off for 15 minutes. Reconnect the plug and try again.

Do a Factory Reset:

If restarting the tablet does not fix the issue, a factory reset should be done. Remember that a factory reset will remove all information from the tablet, including any applications that were downloaded and any stored data. Back up any crucial data if you can before doing the factory reset.

Follow these instructions to conduct a factory reset on the Peloton tablet:

  1. Simultaneously pressing and holding the volume up and power buttons
  2. When you see the Peloton logo, let go of the power button.
  3. Hold the volume up button down until you see the Android logo.
  4. “Wipe data/factory reset” may be selected by pressing the power button after using the volume down button to highlight it.
  5. To confirm, hit the power button after selecting “Yes” using the volume down button.
  6. Use the volume down button to highlight “Reboot system immediately” when the reset is finished, then hit the power button to choose it.

Updating the Software:

The Peloton tablet’s software may need to be updated if a factory reset does not resolve the issue. By choosing “System” in the “Settings” app, you may check for any available updates. Choose “System update” and look for any new updates there. Install any updates that are available by downloading them.

Call Peloton Support:

If none of the aforementioned measures are successful in resolving the problem, additional help from Peloton support may be required. When required, Peloton support may arrange for a tablet repair or replacement or provide more thorough troubleshooting instructions.

Finally, it might be disappointing to get the “No Command” or “Dead Android Logo” issues on a Peloton tablet, but there are measures you can do to resolve the issue. A factory reset and restarting the tablet are two typical fixes, however software updates and contacting Peloton support may also be required.

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