Can you use peloton without internet? How?

The exercise bike Peloton has transformed the experience of working out at home. Peloton has become a go-to for many workout aficionados because of its stylish design, interactive touchscreen display, and availability of live and on-demand lessons. Yet, a common query is if Peloton can be used without an internet connection. Yes, by preloading your exercises, you can use Peloton without an internet connection.

Preloading is the process of downloading material onto your Peloton device while connected to the internet, such as on-demand lessons or beautiful rides. Once downloaded, you may access this material and work it out without an internet connection. This is especially helpful if you want to take your Peloton with you when you’re on the move or don’t have dependable internet connectivity.

Follow these easy steps to preload content into your Peloton:

  1. Make sure your Peloton cycle is linked to your home Wi-Fi network or a mobile hotspot to access the internet.
  2. You may preload stuff by finding it here: On your Peloton touchscreen display, find the area for on-demand lessons or scenic rides.
  3. Choose the files you want to preload: Tap on the lesson or ride that you wish to download.
  4. Click on the “download” button after choosing the material you want to download. This may take anything from a few seconds to many minutes, depending on the size of the file.
  5. Access your preloaded material: The content will be stored on your Peloton device after preloading is finished. Just go to the “preloaded” area of your on-demand class or scenic ride library to access it.

Pre-Loading Peloton Classes: Things to Know

  • The fact that not all Peloton material can be preloaded is significant. As live courses are streamed in real time, an internet connection is necessary.
  • Peloton, on the other hand, has a huge selection of on-demand courses and beautiful rides that can be downloaded for offline usage.
  • There are a few more things you can do to make sure you can use your Peloton without an internet connection in addition to preloading. Before beginning your exercise, check sure your Peloton is completely loaded. This will guarantee that you have the sufficient battery life to finish your exercise without requiring a power source.
  • Consider purchasing a portable charger or battery pack as well, since these may provide extra power if necessary.

How can I repeat a preloaded course?

Without access to the internet, you will need to retake the class before it is finished. You will want an internet connection to resume the lesson once it has ended.

Can Peloton classes be saved on a device?

The classes you preload will always be available for you to enroll in and take. While preloaded lessons download to your phone, tablet, or iPad, keep that in mind.

In conclusion, preloading allows Peloton to be utilized without an internet connection. You may access this material offline and exercise whenever and wherever you choose by downloading on-demand workouts or beautiful drives while online.


What does preloading mean in Peloton?

Preloading is the practice of downloading courses to your device ahead of time so you can access them even if your internet connection is unavailable.

Is Peloton accessible offline?

If you have downloaded courses onto your smartphone, you may use Peloton without an online connection. But, to view live sessions or download new courses, you must have a working internet connection.

How can I preload peloton classes?

Open the app and choose the class you wish to download to preload it on Peloton. For offline access, tap the “Download” button next to the class, and it will be stored on your device.

How much storage space am I going to need on Peloton to preload?

The number of classes you wish to preload will determine how much storage space you need. Typically, a single class requires 200–300 MB of storage.

How long do my device’s preloaded lessons last?

Unless you remove them or they expire, preloaded courses remain on your device. The majority of courses have a 30-day expiry date; if you wish to keep using them offline beyond that time, you will need to re-download them.

What features are unavailable if Peloton is used without an internet connection?

You cannot access live courses or other interactive features like high-fiving other users while using Peloton offline. Also, you won’t be able to take part in leaderboard rankings or monitor your data in real time.

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