Get a 300 USD Voucher for Peloton Accessories If You Pre-Ordered Row

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at Peloton offered new opportunities along with Amazon discounts, and customers who buy a Peloton Row can also get a $300 discount on accessories. It is important to note that additional devices such as the Bike, Guide, and Tread are also available for purchase and that you may receive a reduction on extras that are purchased on Amazon.

Peloton has been giving a price match promise for their own Black Friday promotions throughout the whole month of November. Unfortunately, it was only effective as of November 1st, and it did not even mention the Peloton Row expressly. Due to this, customers who pre-ordered the Rower in September or October get the impression that they missed out on a bargain that was going on.

How to get Peloton 300 USD Voucher?

Those who well before ordered the Row, on the other hand, have been informed that they can easily acquire a price guarantee of $300 worth of complimentary extras for the Peloton Row by simply contacting Peloton support through chat or phone.

Get in touch with Peloton’s support staff to get complimentary accessories. Inform them that you have already pre-ordered the Row and that you would want to price-match the $300 worth of complimentary accessories that are being given for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You have complete freedom of choice about the Peloton accessories you purchase with that coupon. The Row Select or Row Ultimate bundles can be one of the best offers that are available. These have been reduced in price to just $325 or $375, which means that with your coupon, you will only have to spend $25 or $75.

Some customers who called out to support service first after the Black Friday specials were released had some difficulties receiving a price match, but as of right now, it seems as though the procedure has become quite normal.

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