How to Convert Peloton Delta Shoes to SPD Shoes?

You can convert your Peloton shoes, which have 3-hole cleats, into SPD cycling shoes, which have 2-hole cleats. After that, you may put them to use in a physically demanding spinning class without having to purchase another pair of cycling shoes.

Now, let’s get familiar with the distinctions between SPD and Delta Shoes.

SPD vs. Delta (3-Bolt) Shoes:

There are two distinct varieties of “cleats” that are used in cycling shoes. Cleats are the devices that allow you to clip into the pedal and remain in place.

The SPD cleat is a little silver clip that often rests in a divet within the sole of the shoe as opposed to protruding out, while the three-bolt Delta cleats feature large triangles that are perfect for clipping in firmly.

If you are placing an order with Peloton but do not already own a pair of shoes, one of the easiest alternatives available to you is to pick up a pair of these branded Peloton cycling shoes. These shoes are ideal for cycling and have the Peloton logo. They come with Delta cleats that are suitable for use with Peloton pedals and have a velcro strap closing with a “fast ratchet clip” for a more secure and comfortable fit.

So, if you want to use SPD cleats, how do you place them on the Peloton shoes?

The fact of the matter is that you are unable to attach SPD cleats to the cleat plate that comes standard on the Peloton shoe. Because of this, you will want an additional adapter that is compatible with both Look Delta and SPD to convert from one to the other.

  1. To begin, you are going to require SPD shoe adapter cleats. The cleats cost a little bit more than twenty dollars each.
  2. Second, take out the Look Delta cleats that are on your Peloton shoes so that you may put the SPD adaptor cleats in their place.
  3. The adapter has just two SPD holes while having the design of a cleat with three holes. As a result, it will not require any modifications to the Look Delta cleat plate.
  4. The adaptor comes bolts, which you will need to carefully place into each hole. Put an equal amount of pressure on each of the bolts as you tighten them.
  5. And after you have confirmed that it is safe to use, you are finished.

Benefits of Converting Peloton shoes into SPDs:

  • To reduce the overall expense of purchasing a new cycling shoes.
  • Because the SPD design is commonly found on cycling bikes used in gyms.
  • They provide the opportunity for adaptability, as it is possible to take out the SPD adaptor cleats and replace them with Delta cleats on the same pair of shoes.

Be advised, however, that because the Delta shoes are not flexible and have a raised surface, they are unable to provide the walking shoe benefits that are associated with SPD shoes.

Is It Possible To Wear Spd Cleats With Peloton Shoes?

No, SPD cleats cannot be installed on the Peloton shoes that come standard. Nonetheless, you may use adaptor cleats if you want to.

Do you need to use a specific type of shoe to ride the Peloton?

The answer to the issue of whether or not you are required to purchase Peloton shoes, which are defined as shoes that are compatible with the Peloton pedals, is “yes.” The Delta Look cleats that were previously stated are compatible with the Peloton pedals because they are meant to clip in with them.

On the other hand, in case the idea of clipping into the pedals is alien to you, you can ride a bike while wearing regular shoes or tennis shoes. But, you will need to purchase toe cages or shoe cages that attach to the pedals to ride the bike.

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