Who Is Chase T Kalisz

Chaze Tyler Kalisz (/ˈkeɪlɪʃ/ kei-luhsh) is a competitive swimmer from America who represents the US in various international events. He was born in March 7 1994, and is currently a gold medalist for the 2020 Summer Olympics for the 400 meter medley event. He’s also a silver medalist for the same category during the 2016 Summer Olympics, and gold medalist for two World Aquactics Championships events.

He studied at Fallston High School and then University of Georgia where he graduated in 2017.

Youth swimming

Kalisz was first participated in the youth swimming event during the 2012 US Olympic Trials. During the event, he participated in the 200 IM and 400 IM where he finished in 5th and 6th, respectively.

Although he didn’t qualify for the Olympics, he’s still qualified for the 2012 Junior Pan Pacific Championships where he won both the 400 IM and 200 IM with the time recorded at  4:12.59 and 1:59.51, which were the meet records.

International Career

In his early days, he won the 400IM during the 2013 Charlotte Ultra Swim by scoring another meet record. Still in the same year, he also participated in the 2013 Santa Clara Grand Prix and 2012 Phillips 66 National Championships where he got the silver for the 400IM and gold for the same category

2015 FINA World Championships

Sometimes later, Kalisz participated in the 2015 FINA World Championships. And during the event, he successfully snatched a silver for winning the second position of 400 meter IM with his time reaching 4:09.22.

During the same event, he also got a bronze for 400 meter medley.

2016 Rio Olympics

Kalisz already showed his brilliance in the first day of the event. During the opening night, he won the second position in the 400 meter medley category. He successfully finished in 4:06.75 after fiercely competing with Kosuke Hagino.

2017 National Championships/World Championship Trials

During the qualification for the World Championships, Kalisz successfully finished in first by winning both the IM events. The first one was 400 meter IM which he finished in 4:06.99, and the later was 200 meter IM in 1:56.51.

2017 World Championships

During the 2017 World Championships, Kalisz became the World Champion on the day five of the event. He successfully finished in first in 1:55.56, right after Kosuke Hagino and Shun Wang.

However, it was just a start. During the final day, he participated in the 400 meter medley and winning the event with another Championship record set at 4:05.90. He was going so fiercely right from the start. His time was 2.5 seconds from David Verraszto, the silver medalist.

2017 Winter National Championships

Again, during another Championship event, Kalisz was crowned as the King of IMs. During the individual medley, he took the gold for the 200 and 400 meter individual medley. His times were 1:41.79 and 3:39.45, respectively.

Who Is Chase T Kalisz swimmer

2018 U.S. National Championships

A year later, Kalisz participated the 2018 U.S National Championships where he won not only one additional gold, but two for both the 200 and 400 IM events. By finishing first in 1:55.73 and 4:08.25, he was once again, considered as the King.

2018 Pan Pacific Championships

At the first day of the match, he successfully defended his title as the gold medalist for the 400 IM event. On day 2, he also snatched the goldie for winning the 200 IM with another personal best recorded at 1:55.40.

2019 World Championships

During the World Championships, he battled for the 200 meter IM event and winning the bronze with the time recorded at 1:56.78.

2021 Olympic Games

Two years later, Kalisz joined the 2021 Olympic Games. And this is when he won the very first Olympic Gold after long years of swimming career. He was winning the 400 meter IM event by finishing in 4:09.42.

2022 World Championships

During the 2022 World Championships held in Budapest, Kalisz already showed everyone his skill since day 1. At that time, he competed in the 400 meter IM event and winning the bronze after finishing third behind Leon Marchand and Carson Foster.

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