How to Remove Peloton Bike Handlebars: Step-by-step Guide

The removal of the handlebars from a Peloton bike may seem to be a challenging chore, but in reality, it is a simple procedure that anybody can do if they have the appropriate tools and are given the necessary instructions. In this post, we will provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to remove the handlebars from a Peloton bike, making sure that you do it properly and without causing any damage to any of the components along the way.

1.   Get Tools Ready

To successfully remove the handlebars, you will first need to organize your working area and acquire the required equipment. Ensure that you are working on a surface that is both clean and level and that you have all of the necessary equipment close at hand. The following is a list of the tools that you will require:

  • Set of Allen wrenches
  • Wrench with adjustable spanner
  • Torque wrench (tool)
  • Maybe a towel or rag

2.   Remove The Top Cap

The top cap must be removed before the handlebars can be taken off, and this is the first step. This is the round, tiny component that sits on top of the headset and is responsible for securing the stem in place. Use these procedures to successfully remove the top cap:

  • In order to remove the bolt on the top cap, use the 5mm Allen wrench on it. It is not necessary to entirely remove the bolt; rather, you just need to loosen it to the point where you can remove the top cap.
  • When the top cap has been loosened, go to the stem bolts with the adjustable wrench and loosen them. In most cases, four bolts are used to secure the stem in place.
  • When the stem bolts have been loosened, use a rubber mallet or a gentle hammer to tap the top of the stem in a circular motion until it begins to come away. It’s possible that moving the handlebars from side to side will be required to get it to release entirely.
  • When the handlebars have been dislodged from their mounts, take them off the bike and put them somewhere else.

3.   Now, Remove the Stem

Now that the handlebars have been taken off, the stem of the bike may be taken off as well. To do this, please follow these steps:

  • To remove the two bolts that secure the stem to the steerer tube, you will need the Allen wrench with a 5mm opening.
  • Tap the top of the stem with a rubber mallet or light hammer until it begins to loosen. This should take a few minutes.
  • When it is no longer attached to the steerer tube, the stem may be removed by sliding it off.

4.   Lastly, Reassemble

You will be able to put the bike back together after you have removed the handlebars and the stem.

  • You’ll need to screw the new stem onto the steerer tube.
  • With the Allen wrench of the 5mm size, snug up the two bolts that are holding the stem in place.
  • After attaching the handlebars to the stem, use the torque wrench to make the stem bolts as secure as possible. Check that the handlebars are properly aligned and that they are adjusted to the required torque level. This is often between 5 and 7 Nm, but you should consult the handbook that came with your Peloton cycle for the precise torque setting.
  • After reattaching the top cap to the headset, use the 5 mm Allen wrench to ensure that the bolt is securely fastened.
  • In the end, make sure that everything is adjusted properly and that the handlebars are positioned correctly by doing a second inspection.


With the necessary equipment and a set of clear step-by-step instructions, disassembling the handlebars on your Peloton bike is an easy task that can be completed by anybody. You can remove the handlebars carefully and without causing any damage to any of the components of the bike if you follow the procedures indicated in this article.

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