Who Is Maxime Grousset

Maxime Grousset is a competitive swimmer from France. Now, he’s currently a world record holder for the category of 4 x 50-meter mixed freestyle, silver medalist for 100-meter freestyle and bronze medalist for a 50-meter freestyle during the event of 2022 World Aquatics.

In the 2022 World Short Course Championships, he also successfully got silver in the 100-meter freestyle category. Grousset also participated in the 2022 European Aquatics Championships where he won the second position in the 50-meter butterfly.

Long Years of International Career

The earliest known record of Grousset’s participation in the Championships was in 2017 when he participated in the 2017 European Junior Swimming. During the competition, he performed greatly by winning the third position for the 50-meter freestyle with a time of 22.59. At the very same event, he also got the bronze for the 50-meter butterfly with his time recorded in 23.88.

Within the same year, Grousset went to the 2017 World Junior Swimming Championships where he won another silver for the 50-meter freestyle category with a time recorded in 22.25 seconds.

He continued his career a year later by participating in the 2018 European Aquatics Championships, the very event when he won the gold for the 4 x 100-meter mixed relay.

Three years later in 2021, Grousset also fought in the competition of the 2020 Summer Olympics. The fierce battle got him the fourth position in 47.72 seconds, with Kliment Kolesnikov from Russia as the winner.

2022 World Championships

In Danube Arena, Budapest, he also once again joined the 2022 World Aquatics Championships. In the event, he joined the 100-meter freestyle where he won the silver for finishing second in 47.64 seconds. He was just 0.06 seconds away from David Popovici who got the gold.

His performance didn’t show a sign of slowing, especially when he participated in the 50-meter freestyle. In the event, he won the bronze with a time of 21.57 seconds.

Who Is Maxime Grousset swimmer

2022 European Championships

Another great victory of Maxime Grousset was achieved during the 2022 European Championships. At first, he qualified thanks to his fast swimming which reached the personal best time, 22.90 seconds.

On the second day, Grousset went swimmingly by finishing fourth with a time recorded in 48.31. Moments later, the man successfully snatched the silver medal for the 50-meter butterfly. He won it at the time recorded in 22.97, which was just 0.08 seconds away from the gold medalist.

On the fifth day, Grousset was going strong by winning another gold medal during the 4 x 100-meter mixed freestyle. His time was 3:22.80, along with the team.

Two days later, he participated in the 50-meter freestyle when he finished fifth. However, he still got the silver medal for joining in the 4 x 100-meter medley relay with a time recorded in  3:32.50.

2022 Swimming World Cup

In 2022, he also joined the Swimming World Cup that was held in Berlin. During the competition, he successfully got himself the silver medal for the 100-meter freestyle with a time recorded in 46.38.

2022 World Short Course Championships

During the same year, he participated in the 2022 World Short Course Championships. And similar to the 2022 European Championships, this was when Grousset got his winning spree once again.

He started by setting a personal best for 100-meter freestyle preliminaries. His time was 45.77 and recorded on the second day of the competition. In the semifinals, which were held in the evening, Grousset got his personal best again in 45.58, which qualified him for the second position.

On day three, Grousset got up again by finishing first in the preliminary 100 meters individual medley with a time recorded in 51.94 and qualified for the semifinals. In the evening, he successfully finished by setting a personal best in 45.41 for the 100-meter freestyle category while winning the second position. However, he was later disqualified from the 100-meter individual medley semifinals.

Maxime Grousset sexy swimmer

Early on day four, he qualified for the 50-meter freestyle and won the gold for reaching the first position in 1:27.33. He was breaking the world record at that time.

Nearly an hour later, Grousset participated in the 50-meter freestyle category and struck another personal best in 20.97. Thus, he was qualified for the final.

Sometimes later, during the preliminaries for the 200-meter freestyle category, he made another personal best in 1:41.79. Later on, he improved the time by finishing at 1:41.56.

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