How to Remove and Reattach Peloton Plus Screen?

The Peloton Plus screen, a large touchscreen display that is a key component of the Peloton experience, is a feature of the bike. The screen enables users to engage with other users, access a variety of exercises, and monitor their progress. We’ll go through how to detach and reconnect the Peloton Plus screen in this post.

Why remove the Peloton Plus screen?

The Peloton Plus screen may need to be removed for several reasons. The replacement of a broken or inoperable screen is one of the most popular causes. Moreover, you may need to take the screen off the bike to make it easier to carry it. Another reason to remove the screen is for cleaning. While these are the most frequent ones, there can be more for removing the screen.

Cleaning the Screen in Advance:

You’ll need to acquire some tools before you start uninstalling the Peloton Plus screen. A flathead and Phillips screwdriver, as well as a soft cloth, are required. Also, it is crucial to take the proper safety procedures, such as turning off the bike and donning gloves to shield your hands.

Taking Off the Peloton Plus Screen:

1.      Disconnecting the cables:

Begin by removing the Peloton Plus screen’s rear cord. There will be two cables: a data cable and a power wire. Unplug them slowly, then put them away.

2.      Removing the screen from the mount:

The next step is to take the screen out of the mount. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to locate the two screws holding the screen in place. Gently separate the screen from the mount once the screws have been taken out.

3.      Remove the bike and screen:

You may finally take the bike’s screen off. Lift the screen away from the bicycle with caution, being careful not to harm any of the wires.

Reattaching the Peloton Plus Screen:

  • You may start the process of reattaching the screen once you have removed it. Reconnect the cords to the screen’s back first. Make sure the cords are plugged into the appropriate ports.
  • Slide the Peloton Plus screen into position after carefully aligning it with the mount. Ensure that the screw holes on the screen and the mount are lined up.
  • Reinstall the screws and tighten them using the Phillips-head screwdriver to reattach the screen to the mount. Reconnect the cords and make sure they are securely in place when you have mounted the screen again.

Maintenance advice:

Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain your Peloton Plus screen in excellent working order. This includes avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and routinely wiping the screen with a soft, dry cloth. Moreover, look for any evidence of deterioration or wear and tear on the screen.


Is it possible for me to remove the Peloton Plus screen without expert assistance?

You may pull the Peloton Plus screen out yourself, but you should be cautious and follow the instructions exactly. It can be better to seek expert help if you are uncertain about or uncomfortable with the procedure.

How often should the screen be cleaned?

To maintain the Peloton Plus screen in excellent shape, it is advised to wipe it often, at least once per week or as required.

What should I do if the screen doesn’t reconnect after reattachment?

Check the wires again to make sure they are properly connected and undamaged if the screen remains disconnected after reattachment. Ask for help from a specialist if you face problems in the future.

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