A new Form Assist Feature of Peloton Row Has Been Launched

The form assist feature seen on the Peloton Row has received an upgrade from Peloton that adds more capabilities. When the user is not employing the correct form, the “standard form assist” function will highlight certain regions of the body in red. Members will now be able to get comprehensive feedback in the form of text as a result of this most recent upgrade.

When text cues are enabled, for instance, it may indicate to press with your body leaning for a longer period or to push with your legs first.

Text signals give a more comprehensive account of the rower’s improper actions, which may be seen in the video. The text will not display each and every time, but it will show up if the rower keeps making the same form error over and over again. The text cues may be toggled on and off at your discretion.

One of the most notable and much-awaited elements of the Row is its ability to provide feedback in the form of forms. Peloton made changes to the feedback form earlier this year because users wanted to avoid red highlights from appearing during practice sessions.

In case you forgot, Peloton just published a video including an interview with Alex Karwoski in which he provides pointers on perfect rowing technique.

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