Mayla Wedekind Joined Peloton Tread Team

Mayla Wedekind is expanding her services to include a new modality, and she will begin offering them on the Tread. On March 15, Mayla will have a premier run that lasts for a total of twenty minutes.

 She became a member of the Peloton team in December 2020, and she is the only female Tread instructor that teaches classes in German at this time. She will be working out of the London Studio with her coworkers Tobias Heinze, Marcel Maurer, and Jeffrey McEachern, all of whom also teach running lessons in German.

Mayla is the seventh existing Peloton teacher to join the Tread team in recent months. She was recruited to do so. She follows in the footsteps of other Tread newcomers like Logan Aldridge, Alex Toussaint, Hannah Frankson, and Camila Ramón, all of them made their debuts within the last half year.

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