New Challenge From Peloton: Get out and Move

A new flash challenge has been introduced by Peloton to motivate its users to discover ways to walk about outdoors throughout the summer. The competition is officially known as “The Get Out and Move Challenge.”

You may join up for the challenge and choose to participate using the website, the touchscreen on your bike or treadmill, or the application on your mobile device.

The competition is open for the better part of the summer and calls for absolutely no special equipment. Members may work toward the objective by taking any outdoor class or any session from the forthcoming Get Out and Move Collection. Both options are available to them.

There are now 53 classes available in the Get Out and Move Collection, with the possibility of more being added in the future. Every lesson lasts exactly 10 minutes and may be attended at any location of your choosing. Barre, cardio, meditation, pilates, weight training, and yoga are some of the modalities included.

For participants to get their badge at the end of the 91-day challenge, they need to have attended 24 different classes.

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