New Meditation Program by Aditi Shah is On the Way

Earlier, Aditi Shah completed the most recent episode of the “Flow & Let Go” series that she had been working on. It began with a meditation session and then moved on to a yoga class right after that. The series was finished with an announcement from her.

The good news is that in the not-too-distant future, Peloton plans to introduce yet another brand-new program. Aditi Shah will guide participants through a three-week “Intro to Meditation” course.

She said that she had a unique and pleasant surprise in store for everyone. If any of these sessions in this whole series struck a chord with you, particularly the meditations, I have a comprehensive meditative program consisting of three weeks’ worth of instruction heading your way pretty soon.

Aditi also posted a little video about the news on her Instagram stories, in which she expressed her excitement at the prospect of providing further details to everyone in the near future. It is still unclear whether or not this will be included in the “Approach” series of courses that Peloton offers.

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