New Peloton Boxing Challenge: Boxing Contender

Peloton is introducing a new competition dubbed “Boxing Contender” with the intention of motivating its subscribers to test out the company’s recently added boxing-themed content. You will be able to sign up for the challenge on this page beginning on February 2 and continuing until February 8 after that.

In order for members to acquire their badge, they have to box for a total of seven days and finish a total of ninety minutes. Today, Peloton informed its subscribers that they would be introducing new boxing lessons to their weekly schedule every Friday.

It is not clear if these Friday deliveries will still just comprise the three initial teachers: Rad Lopez, Kendall Toole, and Selena Samuela. In the past, Peloton has given hints that other boxing instructors may be added as Peloton Boxing progresses.

New Peloton Boxing Challenge Boxing Contender

The Get Hooked concept was used for the first launch of Peloton Boxing in December of last year. In the past, individuals who were actively participating in the program were the only people who could take boxing lessons.

On the other hand, it was revealed that the first live boxing lessons that are a part of the Eminem special artist series would take place on January 28.

You can sign up for the Boxing Contender challenge on the website right now, and you may do it using any device. To do this, just go to the Challenges page and pick the Upcoming option from the navigation menu.

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