New Peloton Challenge/Badge – Bike Bootcamp Strive Score?

Lately, Peloton members had the chance to test their mettle against two distinct challenges that each lasted for a whole month. The first challenge was the Challenge with Erik Jager, and the second one of them was a five-week series of challenges created around new Yoga classes.

Now, to advertise the newly revealed Strive Score, Peloton is kicking off a new adventure in which you may participate. The name of the challenge is “Bike Bootcamp Strive Score,” and it will reward a badge to those who complete it by attending four Bike Bootcamp lessons during the following two weeks.

Image of the new Bike Bootcamp Strive Score badge.
Image of the new Bike Bootcamp Strive Score badge.

The following is the official explanation:

The objective of the Strive Score is to get you to your strongest possible self as quickly as possible. When you keep track of your progress, you may achieve fitness objectives that you previously could only imagine. Participate in any four or more of the Bike Bootcamp courses and use Strive Score to keep track of your progress.

Because your heart rate is used to calculate your Strive score, you may assume that doing so requires you to wear a monitor. Yet, this is not the case.

The wording of the challenge explanation, on the other hand, specifies quite clearly that a heart-rate monitor is not necessary to take part in the new challenge. Therefore, the connection to the Strive Score may merely be marketing language aimed at promoting the new measure, and the competition may truly just be another Bike exercise similar to the one that took place in December.

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