Olivia Amato’s Sleep Hack & Her 4 Other Wellness Secrets

Olivia Amato, renowned as a prominent motivator in the Peloton community, effortlessly embodies the role of a hype girl. As an instructor for cycling, treadmill, and strength training, she effortlessly balances her fitness expertise with being a dedicated dog parent to her adorable companion, Tobi. Delving into her Instagram reveals her passion for athleisure fashion and her famous high-intensity Monday morning workouts.

For those intrigued by Olivia Amato’s seemingly boundless energy and flawless hairstyles during Peloton sessions, fret not! Parade.com had the opportunity to catch up with Amato and unearth some of her well-guarded wellness secrets. She divulged various tips, from maintaining motivation to achieving a night of rejuvenating sleep, which even doubled as a beauty hack.

Wellness Secret #1: Cultivate a small but supportive inner circle

Amato emphasizes the significance of having a close-knit network of friends, family, and fellow Peloton enthusiasts who provide unwavering support. The size of the circle is inconsequential; what truly matters is the backing received.

“My loved ones mean the world to me. I intentionally keep my circle small, comprising individuals who have been by my side for a substantial duration. Our relationships are built on genuine care and a mutual desire for each other’s success,” Amato affirms. “The Peloton community, too, fuels my motivation through their accountability. I strive to show up daily for this incredible community. Their support, camaraderie, and dedication serve as a constant reminder of why I do what I do.”

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Wellness Secret #2: Establish intentions

Setting intentions prior to workouts, a practice often associated with yoga, is a top recommendation from Amato for ensuring a successful session.

“For me, setting an intention before every workout is immensely beneficial. Understanding my ‘why’ before and during the workout acts as a guiding force to persevere through challenges,” Amato explains. She adds, “I also make it a point to listen to an uplifting and energizing song right before commencing my workout. Currently, Justin Bieber’s ‘Hold On’ does the trick!”

Wellness Secret #3: Optimize energy through mindful eating

While Amato’s energy-boosting technique may not align with nutritionist recommendations, it undeniably delivers results. “I usually prefer eating at least two hours before my workout to allow ample digestion time,” Amato shares. “In instances where I consume food just before exercising, I opt for something sugary to provide a quick burst of energy. It can be as simple as a piece of fruit or a handful of Sour Patch Kids.”

Wellness Secret #4: Define and organize your goals

Setting goals may seem effortless, but accomplishing them requires strategic planning and dedication. Amato highlights the importance of personalization and organization in achieving set objectives. Ensuring goals are realistic and attainable plays a vital role in this process.

“Everyone is unique, and I believe it’s crucial to define your goals and understand the ‘why’ behind them,” Amato asserts. “Personally, I prefer organizing my week in advance to gain a holistic view of my schedule. This approach allows me to assess its feasibility from both mental and physical perspectives while ensuring alignment with my goals.”

Additionally, it’s essential to ask yourself who you’re pursuing these goals for. “Engage in activities for yourself, driven by self-love and self-respect. Embracing gratitude and developing a genuine appreciation for yourself helps gain perspective during challenging times,” Amato advises.

Wellness Secret #5: Embrace the heated sleep mask

Prepare to be amazed! Amato’s ultimate tip for enhancing sleep quality can be summed up in two words: heated sleep masks. Intrigued by this revelation, we embarked on further investigation. After several nights of usage, we can confidently confirm that heated sleep masks are a game-changer when it comes to achieving a restful night’s sleep.

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