Paralimpic Athlete Tammy Cunnigton Tried Peloton Handcycle

Tammy Cunnington, a Canadian Paralympian, was the initial participant to use a handcycle while participating in a session at Peloton Studios. At Peloton Studios in New York, Cunnington participated in a cycling session taught by Christine D’Ercole.

The attendees of one of Christine’s most recent seminars in Greece got together for this session, so you might call it a reunion of sorts.

A Peloton Bike of the regular kind was switched out for a handcycle. In addition to that, it is a piece of equipment for cyclists that enables them to spin the wheels using their hands rather than their legs. And Cunnington documented her journey on Instagram to share it with her followers. And she said: When Covid shut everything down in 2020, I was still training for the Tokyo Paralympics, but I started doing Peloton courses on my handcycle. My preparation for the games, both emotionally and physically, benefited much from my time spent riding.

Tammy Cunnington Instagram
Tammy Cunnington Instagram

Cunnington is a swimmer who has taken part in the Paralympic Games in 2016 and who now owns many records in the country of Canada.

Cunnington participated in a few of Christine D’Ercole’s Workshops in the past. These are conferences that take place in person all around the globe and are conducted by Christine.

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