Peloton is Accessible on Verizon+ with New Deals

Customers of Verizon can now monitor and control the whole of their streaming services from a single centralized spot thanks to the debut of the beta version of the fresh +Play platform that Verizon has developed and introduced. Peloton is now a part of the accessible material, as was stated in an earlier announcement this year.

Peloton is Accessible on Verizon+ with New Deals

Verizon is giving away a free membership to Netflix for a whole year to anybody who signs up for a full year of any of its partner services, such as Peloton. 

Peloton is Accessible on Verizon+ with New Deals

To provide its customers with more details, Verizon has added a new page to its website. Please take note that this is exclusively for new users joining Peloton:

  • The price of $12.99 per month is exactly the same as it would be if you were to sign up for Peloton’s services directly via their website. However, consumers who sign up for one year’s worth of service via Verizon will only incur $129.99, which is the cost of ten months’ worth of service. This effectively provides free access to the membership for the first two months.
  • Be aware that if you are qualified for a deal on an app as an educator, healthcare provider, student, member of the armed forces, or for any other reason, such discounts do not appear to be valid via Version +Play.
  • During the early access, first-time users who join up for the yearly Peloton App subscription option through Verizon rather than the monthly recurring option will also get a free year of Netflix. This promotion for free Netflix access is only available for a limited time, and Verizon has not said when it will end.

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