Peloton’s Alex Touissant Shares Working Tips Before Tread Debut

Motivatioanl Master of Peloton has added running workouts to the mix. Alex Toussaint, the favorite cycling instructor of PGA Tour and NFL legends Patrick Mahomes and Cam Newton and many at-home cyclists throughout America, will start to teach treadmill sessions via Peloton Tread’s app and streaming fitness platform, starting November 24.

The 30-year-old has been running three miles a day to prepare his body. He also had to cut out his pride and ego from his daily routine.

He says, “I’m realizing that I’m going through this right now in many facets of my life.” I believe that if men do a better job of controlling their pride and egos, we can reach our goal more easily.

Toussaint took a few minutes away from pumping up the Peloton masses to offer some motivation to MenHealth magazine, including offering his key to staying pumped, a heart-and-chest-pumping pushup, and to talk about his favorite celebrity that’s ridden in one of his classes–Steph Curry.

This interview was edited and condensed to improve clarity

Are there any strength or stretching exercises that you have been adding to your training for the added impact?

Peloton mobility content and stretch content have been an integral part of my daily routine. This is because it’s difficult for me to create a stretching routine and follow it. I have found that having an accountability partner like Hannah Marie Corbin has made a big difference in my life. Incorporating her starching courses a little more into my week ensured that I’m on track for the strength and running workouts that I’m doing.

What’s your week like? Do you exercise in a gym, or just at your Peloton classes?

My own personal training facility was built in my home. But, I have everything I need so I don’t have to travel to a gym. Weights, kettlebells, and everything that goes in between. For me, running is a big part of my training. I have been running three to miles per day, five days each week, to ensure that my body can handle the demands that has been placed upon it. In addition to continuing to play basketball, I also do strength training.

Could you give us a run-through of your weekly strength training plan?

It is difficult for me to maintain a consistent routine. Although I am often on the road, I make sure to get at least four days of strength training, regardless of whether I’m lifting weights or taking Peloton’s strength classes. I run on the treadmill at least three days per week.

Then, on top of all that, I play two hours of basketball weekly. I hit the gym at least six days a week, doing strength training, conditioning, or Peloton. Then I take a day off, and I don’t do any physical activity.

Are you taking Peloton classes on your strength days? 

Monday was my chest day, and I only did strength training. On other days, I don’t think I’m as motivated. However, I do need some direction and motivation. I rely on my colleagues. Peloton is a great place to work. These are the people I consider my brothers and sisters. So, I descend to the basement like any other home rider/home runner. I click on my tablet and select an instructor. I set my time and duration and then get to it.

A 10-to-1 warmup is my first step on chest day. This was a warmup that a good friend of mine introduced to me once while on vacation. You do 10 pushups, you rest for five seconds. You do nine pushups, you rest for six seconds. You can go down the ladder. That is my warmup.

Next, I go to my bench and do three or four heavy bench lifting sets. To increase my strength, I recently added a Keiser [cable] device to my home. Because I enjoy playing basketball and don’t want to limit my movement, I try to get to the basketball gym as soon as I finish, to ensure that my mobility is good enough to control my shot.

You’re a master motivator. Everyone gets discouraged from time to time. Who do you turn to when you feel like this?

When motivation is not enough, discipline will carry you. My parents’ story is a tale of Haitian immigrants who arrived in the United States with nothing. For those days when I feel unmotivated, I can think of my parents’ sacrifices. I don’t have to listen to anyone. When I think back to what my parents went through in a time of limited resources, I see where I am now and know that I can’t help but go.

People want to know what’s your morning routine to get the same energy and enthusiasm you have?

When I get up in the morning, I take my dogs outside. It’s a wonderful feeling to see my dogs first thing in the morning.

This is how I get my coffee. Although I don’t really like coffee, it is something I do to get aligned with myself. It’s just a matter of driving to the nearest coffee shop or Starbucks to get iced coffee. My teammates make fun of me because I don’t drink much coffee. But, there is something about the separation of getting up and leaving my house It allows me to be present with myself and to re-align with myself. This helps me to get my day started. It’s simple, but very effective.

You’ve been on rides with many superstars. Did you ever feel a little star struck or super excited by someone?

Now that we have done such an excellent job of being so present in the fitness space, we don’t know who is taking a Peloton class. You could find anything from a father, soccer mom, teacher, or police officer to the most famous celebrities. No name surprises me at this point.

Steph Curry was the person who made me feel like, “Wow, I’m in front of greatness right at this moment.” That interaction was certainly humbling. It was a validation moment that I felt like I was on the right track. I am doing something right. One of the greatest shooters, and the most successful athletes was the one who toke to validate what I did on the bike and on the platform. That was amazing.

We learned that you attended military school at a young age. Did you take anything from that time that you can still use today, PT-wise?

How I count my push-ups. I don’t count all of them. I count them 1-2-3, 1. Thus, you actually do 20 for every 10, or you do 40 for every 20. The same thing applies to flutter kicks. It’s psychological trick. It can help you achieve your goal and more.

Could you share a motivational tip with our readers? Is there something that could be holding men back from achieving their goals?

Ego and pride. Me included. It’s a reality that I am going through right now in many aspects of my life. Pride and ego can cause unnecessary resistance and, sometimes, doubt. 

However, I believe that if we do a better job at controlling our pride and our egos as men, it will allow us to achieve our goal with less struggle. While there will always be doubt and uncertainty, removing ego and pride can remove unnecessary resistance.

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