Peloton All For One Weekend Challenge

Peloton has introduced two new flash challenges that are connected to the All for One (AFO) Music Festival for 2022. Only during All for One Weekend, which took place from August 19-21, will participants be able to compete in the AFO Weekend Challenge. The peloton will celebrate its grand reopening on the same weekend as the All For One Music Festival in 2022, which will include performances by 33 different acts.

In addition to participating in the in-person live sessions, members will have access to a variety of on-demand drops that were previously recorded. This competition offers three levels of achievement: a one-day, a two-day, as well as a three-day badge. Your progression to the next tier will be determined by the number of days that you attend at least one AFO class.

Peloton All For One Weekend Challenge

About the Badges

The AFO VIP Challenge gives participants a greater amount of time to interact with AFO material to accumulate points toward the acquisition of badges.

If you complete five AFO courses, you will get a bronze badge; if you complete seven AFO sessions, you will receive a silver badge; and if you complete 10 AFO classes, you will receive a gold badge.

Peloton All For One Weekend Challenge

It is important to keep in mind that AFO Lanebreak sessions are the only kind of Lanebreak sessions that will count towards your progress for any of these challenges.

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