Peloton Brings Its App to Android Smartwatches

Although it took some time, the Peloton app for Android watches is now available. If you are a user of the Pixel Watch/ Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 and are a Peloton member, check out the Playstore to install the app.

Peloton’s app update was released over the weekend. It is compatible with smartwatches that run Wear OS 3 or higher. It can be used to monitor your heart rate during a Peloton training session once it is installed. The watch does not provide data for classes that were started via the mobile app. The Peloton bikes don’t sync currently with Android watches. This is what most people were hoping for after the Wear OS update. Peloton introduced this ability for the Apple Watch in the early part of 2022.

Some tracking is now available on Android watches, which is still better than Nada. The app will track classes and sync the data with any third-party integrations. The Peloton app synced my alarmingly high heart rate during a 5-minute meditation class. Peloton sent the numbers to Strava after I was done. This is the app I use to unify all my fitness data.

This was a reminder to me that my Peloton machine is still collecting dust in the garage. This means that the smart bike will have more functionality. I was afraid it would become obsolete before I felt the desire to ride it again. Sales have not been the best for this brand.

Wear OS is now considered more of a fitness-oriented platform. This is what Samsung and Google need in order for them to sell more smartwatches.

It is frustrating that I have to still log a separate workout on Peloton with my Samsung watch and manually input the data after each ride. We are hopeful that the Apple Watch-like integration will be available sooner than expected.

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