Peloton Introduces German Editions of Previous Popular Artist Series

Over the next several weeks, Peloton will publish German copies of its very successful artist series from the past. Peloton Germany’s Facebook page was updated with the news at the appropriate time.

A course in German will be added to six of the previously broadcast artist series. The artists in question are as follows: Prince, Shakira, Coldplay, Madonna, and Guns N’ Roses, and Tina Turner.

On February 12, there will be an additional session of the first class, which will consist of a twenty-minute Prince Ride led by Cliff Dwenger. On the next Sunday, there will be a Shakira Ride with Erik Jager that lasts for twenty minutes. Since this is the case, we may conclude that the courses will be available in the on-demand library on Sundays between the 12th and 19th of March.

If a member attends any of the courses, they will be eligible to acquire an artist series badge.

It seems that fresh German lessons will be introduced for the foreseeable future; there is no indication that any English classes will be offered. If you are interested in learning more about past Peloton artist series that have come before, make sure to check out the website for Peloton as well as the Facebook page for Peloton Deutschland.

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