Peloton Holiday Season news: Mariah Carey featured artist series is out!

The Peloton begins its holiday festivities with the debut of a much-anticipated artist series featuring Mariah Carey. Peloton announced the news on Instagram:

The words of the season’s reigning queen have been heard. The Mariah Carey Artist Series will be available to you this coming Friday, December 2!

A brief video of Mariah Carey introducing the series is also shared. In it, she explains that the workshops would highlight her complete discography rather than focusing just on her holiday songs.

  • The series started on Friday, December 2, and consists of 11 workshops spanning seven different modalities.
  • These classes will be offered in English and German, and participants will get a discount for taking both languages. The image bellow shows you the whole list of classes.
  • These courses include those taught by well-known coaches including Ally Love, Adrian Williams, Cody Rigsby, Emma Lovewell, and Jess Sims, among others.
Mariah Carey Artist Series Out

Peloton also issued a blog post including further details on the partnership with Mariah Carey, which can be found here:

Mariah Carey’s music can inspire the spirit of the Christmas season, which is all about celebrating with loved ones and expressing thanks to those in your community. With the addition of Mariah Carey’s timeless music to the Peloton platform, we raise a glass of the power that music has to bring people together.

The heading that appears at the very top of the article gives the impression that all of the lessons will be compiled into a specific collection similar to the Beyonce Series and the Taylor Swift Series.

Several participants speculated that Mariah Carey might be the very last special guest on LOL Cody. Peloton, however, shared the news that actor and Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang will be a part of the episode.

As is customary, members may anticipate earning an artist series badge upon successful completion of any of the Mariah Carey courses. In addition, there is a possibility that a unique holiday badge will be made available.

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