Peloton Introduced Flash Challenge Concept – Leap Into Action

Peloton has introduced a whole new, more condensed kind of challenge that they refer to as “Flash Challenges.” These challenges would be released at random during the year and will have a shorter length. Additionally, there will be less time between the challenge’s release and the date it begins.

“Leap Into Action” is the very first Flash Challenge that you’ll encounter. This challenge will begin on the 24th of February and end on the 1st of March. The objective of this challenge is to complete at least one activity each day for the duration of 7-day. This is very much like the usual monthly challenges that Peloton offers every other month; the only difference is it lasts for seven days. As is customary, participation in any sport at all counts toward the overall goal of completing the challenge.

Peloton Introduced Flash Challenge Concept 1

This will be the second brand-new category of competition that Peloton will offer in the year 2020. Peloton has previously introduced a new year-long competition called Annual 2020. This competition is time-based and lasts for the entire year. It is evident that Peloton is focusing on various strategies to keep the user base motivated and exercising regularly in light of these additional challenges.

You may register for this competition using the website, app, or your bike and tread tablet, all of which are available.

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