Peloton Launched Shop the Class Feature

Peloton Tread offers a “Shop the Class” feature currently. This feature consists of a pop-up notification that appears at the end of each class and gives users the ability to shop for the instructor’s clothing.

In the event you were unaware, this brand-new function started showing up on several different riding courses. An alert shows on the left side of the screen here between the music and the feed bar when the class is in the cooling down phase. The notification states that [the instructors’] Look should be Shopped.

Peloton Launched Shop the Class Feature
Peloton Instagram post announcing Shop the Class Tread rollout.

After you have selected the button, the notification will tell you to look in your email for the letter, and then the pop-up window will close. The email arrives almost instantly, with the subject field reading: items that have been approved by the instructor that you like. The email includes clickable links to the items that the teacher wore during the lesson.

Peloton Launched Shop the Class Feature
Shop the Class feature as seen on a cycling class. It’s now coming to the Tread.

The function was only accessible on the Peloton Bikes until it was introduced to the Tread; it could not be accessed through the app or the online browser. Take note that the functionality is not available for all classes; rather, it is only available for certain classes. It looks like it’s working so far in the courses when the instructor is wearing nothing but Peloton clothing from head to toe.

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