Peloton London Studios Host An Event for New Retail Space Opening

Following days this month, Peloton will commemorate the inauguration of its newest retail location with an invitation-only event that will take place at Peloton Studios London. The gathering will occur on Thursday, February 23, from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening. The dress code is characterized as “smart casual,” as well as a message that says to make sure that you dazzle your best when you arrive there. It is impossible to predict who will turn up. This leads one to believe that there will be at minimum one instructor present.

Participants are requested to respond with an “RSVP” to secure a space for themselves at the event.

Peloton London Studios Host An Event for New Retail Space Opening

When we originally stated that PSL was growing, it was in August of 2022. The plans called for the establishment of the first retail outlet at PSL, and Peloton intended to move into the area immediately next to it, which had been occupied by a Kent & Curwen shop in the past. Documents about the development process indicate that the retail shop will be open to customers who are not already enrolled at PSL.

Peloton has made a concerted effort to greatly increase physical events along with virtual ones. There have already been two celebrations of the Lunar New Year held in London and NYC in only the year 2023 alone.

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