Peloton introduced new accessories on Apparel Site

Peloton has updated its clothing website with the addition of a new Fitness Accessories category today. It is important to note that members may now spend their referrer credits on these products, making this development remarkable.

The following items are included on the list of items that may now be purchased via the Peloton apparel website:

  • Peloton Altos, the cycling shoes.
  • Peloton bike shoes.
  • Mat, heart rate band, weights.
  • Yoga blocks and straps.
  • Workout mat with a reversible surface.
  • Water containers
  • Earbuds by JBL and Peloton.
  • Earbuds by Urbanears.

The significant benefit to customers is that they are now able to spend the $100 referral credits that they get when they recommend other members to Peloton towards the purchase of these things. However, at the beginning of this year, Peloton modified it such that you may only get 6 recommendations each year. The clothing shop is the only place where referral credits may be used.

Peloton Introduced New Accessories on Apparel Site n

In the past, this meant that you could only use your referral points to purchase things that belonged to the clothes category. Members now have access to a far larger variety of products to choose from when they shop with their referrals now that all of these additional accessories are included on the clothing website.

One minor adjustment pertains to the shipment. Orders of apparel qualified for free delivery when the total was more than $50. This continues to be the policy. However, it does not apply to any dumbbell weights that you may have ordered. The addition of weights will increase the total price of the shipment.

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