Peloton Added a New Feed Feature on Notification Page: see who sent you hıgh fıves

In April, Peloton introduced a notification option to the page of the Peloton app that is dedicated to the activity feed. The Peloton activity feed provides you with information on the exercises that your buddies have just finished. You can see which classes they attended at what times, in addition to crucial parameters like output, distance traveled, number of calories burnt, and so on. You have the option of leaving them a high five on that finished activity, which will appear on their feed page for them to watch.

Users of iOS devices have recently reported seeing a notification widget at the very top of the screen that displays their activity feed.

You will now be able to view the number of alerts that corresponds to the number of high fives that have been delivered to you through the feed page since the last time you checked your feed.

In September of last year, the activity feed page for Peloton was introduced for the very first time on web browsers. And in October, it started to roll out on the Peloton iOS App.

Be aware that you may modify the settings for privacy to prevent your recent activity and stats from being shown on the feed page for your followers to see if you do not want them to see them. Move the slider under “Feed Privacy” from the selection of my followers to the setting of only -just me.

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