Peloton Announced the New Ride to Greatness

The third series of Peloton’s Ride to Greatness has been formally announced. However, this time with an updated spin that Alex Toussaint teaches on the Tread as well. The series will be called “Ride/Run to Greatness” and will take place on both bikes and treadmills.

The total number of courses in the series will be four. two people on the bike, and two people on the treadmill. Here is the schedule:


  • March 22 @ 7:00pm ET: Practice ride
  • March 25 @ 12:00pm ET: Game ride
  • March 29 (Time TBA): Practice run
  • April 1 (Time TBA): Game run

You need to add one of the tags to your profile to participate in the Ride/Run. These two options, #TeamActivate and #TeamValidate are also available for your consideration. After that, when you bike or run live during the official sessions that take place on Wednesdays or Saturdays, you will be considered a member of the competition.

Both Jess Sims and Jenn Sherman, who teaches biking, will lead their respective teams as captains. Jess Sims will be in charge of Team Activate, while Jenn Sherman will lead Team Validate. Peloton makes use of specialized leaderboard filtering to draw attention to team leaders and make training more convenient for users.

During this episode of Ride/Run for Greatness, participants will be present in the studio for the very first time. Peloton has sent email invites to a select group of its members, each of whom will have the chance to take part in the tournament.

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