Peloton Newly Added Longer Outdoor Runs

Peloton has just published the very first outdoor workout lasting 75 minutes. Peloton has never before produced a run that is longer than this one, not only for Tread but also for audio-only. Susie Chan was in charge of the run, which was launched on February 3rd.

Susie has been dropping hints over the last several weeks indicating that she is working on a project that has never been accomplished before at Peloton. On the Peloton site, the longest rides that have been given up to this point last for sixty minutes.

Peloton  Newly Added Longer Outdoor Runs

This may be seen as a sign that lengthier runs are on the way shortly. Peloton has added a run lasting 75 minutes; what’s next? a run lasting 90 minutes? On the Bike, you may choose between rides lasting either 75 or 90 minutes. However, each of those rides is a Power Zone Endurance course.

It will also be fascinating to observe if runs of 75 minutes or more are just permitted in the outdoor category of the competition, or whether runs lasting more than 60 minutes will also be included in the regular Tread program.

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