Kristin McGee’s new Peloton Pilates program on January 23rd

Peloton sent an email to a few members, saying that they will be launching a new Pilates program on January 23rd 2023. It’s Kristin McGee who will lead it.

Based on the email’s image, we think the program might be called “Build Your Inner Strong”. The exact number of classes and weeks that the program will last has yet to be revealed. We will share all details about the program once it launches as usual; this is just a heads-up.

The email stated the following:

Start the new year off with a renewed workout routine. Kristin McGee is the Peloton instructor for our new Pilates Program, which starts on 1/23. Join her.

Kristin McGee’s new Peloton Pilates program on January
Screenshot from emails regarding Peloton’s new Pilates Program

Peloton Pilates news is not limited to this. Peloton announced that they will open their studios to members on Thursday and Monday. The firm also told its members that Pilates classes will be offered live to them, on Fridays at 9:00 AM ET.

Kristin McGee’s new Peloton Pilates program on January
Screenshot from Peloton’s post on social media regarding Pilates with members.

The Build Your Inner Strong Pilates program is actually the 3rd new program for this year. Peloton unveiled two new strength training programs on January 9, 2023. The first was the “Straight to the Core”, led by Kennedy Rebecca , and the second was the “The Stronger You,” led Ben Alldis. Also, both of these programs last for 4 weeks.

Have you tried any of the first two strength classes? Are you going to take Peloton’s Pilates Program by McGee Kristin? Let us know in the comments.

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