Peloton Published Stats and Insights for Workouts in 2022

Peloton has published information that sheds light on the extent of the Peloton community’s fitness efforts in 2022. Peloton reports that its users have logged a total of 250,958,345 hours of exercising. They walked or ran a combined total of 75,115,478 miles in addition to cycling a combined total of 1,611,636,736 miles. In addition to that, they gave a combined total of 594,510,102 high fives to the other players on the leaderboard.

That is the equivalent of over 250 million hours utilized exercising. Because Peloton cyclists traveled more than 1.6 billion miles. In addition to that, over 75 million miles were traversed by walking or running which is awesome news.

Peloton Published Stats and Insights for Workouts in 2022

Peloton has also just lately distributed an advertisement for New Year’s 2023. They disclosed in their announcement that ninety-two percent of households who begin the year with Peloton are still engaged with the platform one year later.

The “Cooldown” is the name of the annual evaluation that each member of Peloton receives from the company. The 2022 Cooldown was made available for download in the middle of December, and it features summaries and highlights of data spanning from December 2021 to December 2022. Members may still check 2022 Cooldown through the web browser, digital app, or online. Be aware that if you did not download your videos as well as data from prior years, there will be no way for you to view them at a later time.

Peloton is currently starting its 2023 Annual Challenge, which evaluates members based on the total amount of time they spend participating in activities that are possible via the Peloton platform. There are a total of thirteen levels accessible, and members may earn badges for minute totals ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 total minutes completed.

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